Know About Bed Bug Bites In Kids

Bed Bug Bites In Kids
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Is your child waking up to his body with itchy rashes? Does your child recur despite having mosquito repellent to use these rashes? Well, if you can relate it to the above situations, its time to think about bed bug bites!

  • What is bedbug?

Are you a freak of cleanliness and cannot imagine bugs in the room of your child? Well, bed bugs are not just synonymous with unhealthy living. Bed bug infestation is common in an area that seems like a nice room in  hotets and resorts with five – star locations! Would you like to know how to prevent children from getting bed bug bites? Read on!

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  • Infestation of Bed Bug Causes

In tropical and temperate areas of the world, Bed Bugs usually flourish. These bugs tend to take refuge in your bedroom nooks and corners, particularly in the mattress, headboard, old furniture, box springs, and even loose wallpaper. An unpleasant and unwieldy room is an excellent shelter for bed bugs. Through luggage, clothing & old mattresses, bed bugs can also transmit.

The recent resurgence of bed bug population is due to factors such as:

  1. Dense urban living condition
  2. International Voyage
  3. Ineffective measures for control of pests
  4. Resistance to insecticides.
  • Bug signs on babies and children

Sometimes you might confuse bed bite for mosquito bites. Read the following symptoms to make sure your child is bothered by a bed bug bite. These signs are:

  1. Small, flat skin bumps
  2. In the affected area, redness, and itching
  3. Several marks of bites in a row.
  4. Bumps on hands, neck, face & arms that usually appears.
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  • Will Bed Bug Bites on Children Cause Health Risks?

No medical assistance is called for in bed bug bites. A bed bug is itchy and may lead to other infections if your small bunch of jot scratches the bite site. But then again, this situation can vary from child to child. Not all must suffer from infection; some may have painless, reddish blotches without intervention, which may go with time.

A bed bug bite’s only side effect would be itching accompanied by irritation, which can give your child sleepless night in return.

  • What are Bed Bug Bite reactions causes?

Bites of bed bugs seldom cause allergic reactions. Some cases, however, have resulted in asthma attacks, anaphylactic shocks, and severe skin infections. For the following reasons, your baby may sometimes suffer from a reaction to bed bug bites.

  1. The nature of the reaction to a bed bug bite is determined by an anticoagulant injected into the body during the bite.
  2. Another factor in how the skin reacts is the number of times you’re bitten.


  • Bed Bug Bite Treatment

Depending on the age and severity of the bed bug bite, treatment for bed bugs differs for babies and children

Treatment for Babies
  1. Apply antiseptic
  2. Clean the area bitten with soap and water.
  3. Applying an ice pack at intervals to the affected area.
  4. Apply a baking paste of soda to the bitten area.
Treatment for Kids
  1. Apply antiseptic
  2. Applying ointment of corticosteroids.
  3. Use of your doctor’s prescribed oral corticosteroid
  4. Giving your child oral anti-toxin would be useful if there should be an occurrence of infection
  • How to prevent bed bug bites?
  1. Use a home spray that is bug-resistant.
  2. Keep your children covered well and avoid them for long time outdoors.
  3. Keep doors and window shut, particularly t night.
  4. Use mosquito repellent cream on bare body parts.
  5. To get rid of bugs, use hot water to clean your children’s clothes.
  6. Whenever possible, vacuum clean up the mattresses and carpets.

Bedbug bites can lead to a lot of irritation on the baby’s face and on the body. By taking simple measures to keep your house free of such pests, you can prevent these bite. However, you should consult a doctor if your baby ends up bitten and the problem lasts.

Parents in this world love their children the most; nothing can substitute their love for them. And to see their child in pain is like a parent’s nightmare. But sometimes bed bugs get your kids better and may ruin their faces with a beautiful smile. The good news is that you can handle the problem. You just have to be patient and know how to deal with the problem.

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