Kid Hood :)


Want to go back to my childhood..
Where the world seems really colorful..
Where stress and tensions are limited just to cross the levels of video games.

Wanna go back ..
To endless thoughts of all unimportant things..& those natural laughs that anytime can begin.
Playing variety games into a single hour..just to claim a single win,
I miss my kiddish grin.

Wanna go back to those time
Just for a day
To learn those smiles which used to come in a moment after worst known anger..

To the time..
Where the tears come just to get cuddled more.
Unlike of today’s, which role from eyes just to hit into Pillow’s depths.

I want to see again my mom..smiling at my pretty Lil hands doing continuous efforts on toy chakla-belan to make a perfect round chapatti.

Wanna go to the school standing in front of my daddy’s scooter once again.
Want to stare at the stars for hours..
Catch butterflies ..
Sleep without any worries..
Sing anything i want..without keeping anyone in mind
Run hardest just to snatch the TV remote..
Talk senseless.. Still being loved..
Do mischief and run to hid behind granny.

We all miss our kid-hood & those carefree days…

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