Tips For Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy

Tips For Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy
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Unlike all other fastings kept in Indian culture, where one is allowed to eat fruit, to eat food prepared with special ingredients, or to drink refreshing. Karva Chauth is one of those fastings where even a sip of water cannot be taken until it is broken. Besides that, most traditionalists think that breaking the cycle of keeping the Karva Chauth fast is not good. Therefore, this places an expectant mother in a dilemma as to whether or not to maintain the fast. Well, with advice flooding in from your in-laws, neighbors, and friends, eventually it’s you who have to decide whether to keep it or not. If you do, here are some significant tips you need to keep in mind before keeping karva chauth fast during pregnancy.

Tips For Karva Chauth Fast During Pregnancy

1. Consult your doctor

There is no valid study that demonstrates that fasting while fasting is totally secure or not. However, Karva Chauth fast won’t even enable you to take water during the day. This could result in dehydration, causing many more physical discomforts. Second, your child requires its daily nutritional dose. So the child could be distressed by eating nothing the whole day. It also relies a lot on which trimester you’re in during the time of the fast. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult your gynecologist before keeping karva chauth fast during pregnancy.

2. Eat-in between

Even if your doctor allows you to carry out your plans for Karva Chauth, it won’t be the usual one. Because during pregnancy the metabolism of your body is high, you will need to feed it at periodic intervals. Eat plenty of fruit and be hydrated with coconut water, and milk. Because your body needs more energy during pregnancy, it will even seem like a proper fast.

3. Eat Nutritious Meal Before Sunrise

In this fast, Sargi’s or before sunrise meal is very important. However, while you observe this fast, you have to make healthy eating decisions during pregnancy. Include new fruit, coconut water, and whole-grain foods to maintain a high level of energy. Refrain from consuming high-calorie food products, sweets or coffee drinks.

4. Be prepared for a few things

Although this time you’re going to have milk and fruits in between, unlike the usual Karva Chauth fast, yet there are a few things you need to be conscious of and expect. Remember that pregnancy is increasing your normal eating urges. Since you’re eating something or something the other day at periodic intervals during your pregnancy, a diet consisting of just milk and fruit will seem like a fast one for your body.

You should be ready for acidity, exhaustion, serious headache (primarily owing to acidity), nausea, and dizziness. Do not panic as fasting causes all these symptoms. But if your condition becomes unbearable and extremely severe, break the fast immediately and have something to eat and drink. Don’t lose your heart in such a situation, at least you gave your best shot, right?

5. Indulge in other activities

Keep busy all over the fast. Read something or do anything else. Simply put, you have to divert your mind, because the more you think about the fast, the more hungry you will be.

6. Relax and calm yourself

Your body works more than normal when you’re pregnant. And while you’re fasting when your body may not be adequately fuelled, you need to save your energy. Do not indulge or become overactive in exhausting exercise. Stay relaxed and slightly active, preserving your energy that can assist you to last the day. You may be listening to some music, reading a book, or doing any such activity where you may not have to physically exert or strain yourself.

7. Healthy way to maintain fast

If your doctor and family allow you to keep the fast, be prepared to create some changes this year, unlike your usual Karva Chauth fasting. Talk to your mom and mother-in-law, and they will comprehend your need for these changes because they themselves may have been in a similar scenario.

It is vital to realize that you must not blindly and without paying attention to your health, follow religious practices. Pregnancy is an extremely important time and your child is extremely important. Therefore, if you feel that your health enables you to observe Karva Chauth fast and you have the willingness to do so after obtaining your gynecologist’s permission before keeping karva chauth fast during pregnancy. 

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