Journey of weaning


A mother understands what a child does not say

First of all what is weaning…?

Weaning is a process when your child diet is altered from liquid (breast/bottle feeding) to solid diet. Basically it is a process when a child for the first time consumes any food from the source other than breast like formula food, messed banana etc.


When should we start weaning…?

Weaning is a gradual process and mother should be careful to avoid sudden weaning; unknowingly you may disturb your baby emotionally. Ideally weaning should start at 6 month. You might think 6 months is not enough and my baby is too small to deal with solid foods. Your little one is in growing stage and till 6 months all the nutrition your baby needs is available in breast milk or the formula food however after 6 months baby needs more nutrition for the proper growth and development and milk alone cannot provide sufficient nutrient for a growing child thus it makes weaning necessary.

Often mother complaint weaning makes their child ill, cranky. Weaning is a difficult process for both mother as well as child. They both begin their emotional journey and initially find it difficult to handle. First person babies come in contact is their mother right from the womb a divine bond is created between momma and baby. When weaning begins there is a change observed by baby in his little world i.e. your taking away yours babies most precious object i.e. his/her mother that explains why your baby seems to be cranky. During weaning (6 months to 1 year) child begins to move more frequently as he/she is exploring his new world and busy finding his/her own abilities that’s the time your child also comes in contact of many germs in environment which can cause infection, diarrhea, vomiting. More importantly from birth mothers immunity protects the child from infections and it begins to fade around 5 to 6 months which makes babies prone to infection as this the time they start to develop their immunity.

The basic idea of weaning at 6 month is to introduce your baby gradually to a wider range of foods, so that by the age of 1 year your baby will be joining in family meals. Mothers often complaints of baby crying for breastfeeding during night time which disturbs babies as well as mothers sleep. Initially it will be difficult but the only way to cope is avoid sudden weaning. Male weaning gradual it gives your baby time to accept the changes going around. At start don’t refuse if child ask for milk at night gradually reduce the number of feeding during night time.

Points to ponder:

  • Avoid sudden weaning; it can disturb you as well as your child emotionally.
  • Child often shows interest in parent’s food, count that as a sign and begin small steps of weaning but only after 6 months
  • Every child has a favorite toy and this toy can help you colorful weaning cups and spoon with images of their favorite toy will help.
  • Reduce the nursing time, but don’t leave your baby alone and involve other members of family specially father.
  • Figure out your babies taste on food and replace milk with it. Distraction and replacement are two best way to avoid weaning issues.
  • Don’t stop milk completely during weaning.

Most importantly mothers should to be ready to wean, there is no reason for you to feel the guilt you are not starving your kid and it’s not your fault. It’s a process for betterment of your kid. Give your child time to accept the changes going around. Weaning differs from individual to individual every child is born with different potentials so don’t compare your babies weaning period to others. If your baby continues to cry or is irritated all the time it’s an indication that the food provided is not satisfying his/her hunger care should to taken to decide the kind of food provided.

Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you have gained from having one.

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