Is your teenager having behavioral issues?

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It’s not easy for a parent to deal with a teenager.  Whether you are a good parent or have a good relationship with your children you have to face the behavioral changes of your child. Teenager behavior change is common in teenagers, but if you put some efforts to deal with the problem and understand what they are going through & what they are expecting from you.

It is normal for a teenager to be moody, disrespectful, rebellious and often aggressive. This is because of various reasons like change in the body, peer pressure, career pressure, parental pressure, social media, depression etc. Behavior issues in teen are complicated and difficult to understand. Some common teen behavior symptoms are:

  • Disliking Towards Parents: As a parent, you may notice that your teen child is not liking to spend some time with you, they don’t want to go out with you or they don’t want to engage in family matters. It gives you a feeling of disliking towards you. But don’t take this personally. Accept the fact that your teenager will not tell you each and everything. But do inform them that they have to inform all the important things that are going in their life. If you force them to tell you each and everything, then they end up making a nice story to please you which is not what you want.


  • Increase Of Social Media & Gadgets: With the increase in gadgets and social media platform you teenager spends more time on the laptop or phones. They give entire attention to their gadgets and cut themselves from communicating directly. Gadgets and social media are not bad, it is necessary for them as you can keep track of their whereabouts. But the use of these gadgets becomes an addition and affect their lifestyle, attitude. Not giving gadgets and cutting off from social media is not good as their change behavior backfire and results in stealing thing, lying and hiding. Give them mobile with strict rules and keep monitoring how they are using the internet.


  • Drugs & Alcohol: Nowadays teen is indulging alcohol and drugs before reaching their legal age for this. If you find your 15-16 year teen has started drinking alcohol or sexually active don’t be surprised. Also if you find out your teen friends also indulge in these activities then its a normal teen behavior and not a physical or mental illness. As a parent do not approve these activities and don’t get panic at the same time. Talk to your teen and explain calmly why they shouldn’t be indulging in these activities. Try to be friendly with your teen and accuse them when raising the issue.


  • Aggression: Your teen may get angry with you and for the reason that doesn’t make any sense. They become argumentative. This behavior is common in teens. As a parent, you often react to an angry teen by shouting back. They become more aggressive when you try to dominate them. The only way to calm your teen is to understand your teen anger calmly. Avoid making the argument with your teen. Encourage them to talk with you about their problems also teach them how to express their anger rather than being aggressive.


  • Indecisiveness: Teens get confused and indecisive because of physical and emotional changes they go through. Your teen faces a tough time in making the decision whether it’s a simple decision or important decision. Indecisiveness maybe sometimes is a sign of depression, but not always. Teach your teen how making a decision by evaluating different options, as a teenager is the right time to learn decision-making skills. Do not put them down for not making a simple decision. Also, don’t give so much advice, as they end up making the wrong choice to prove to you that they can take decision too. 

Teenage Girl Behaviour VS Teenage Boy behavior:

There is a difference in teen girl behavior and teen boy behavior.

Teen Girl faces a number of stress factors that put them at the risk of developing eating disorders, anxiety problems, and substance abuse. They can express their emotions and have the maturity to deal with it and can talk about it if needed. Its easier for a parent to raise teenager girl then teenager boy. 

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Teen Boy is harder to handle as compared to girls, as they are not emotionally mature like girls which lead to difficulty in dealing with there emotions. A teen boy starts using alcohol, drugs earlier than girls that’s why parents have to take extra care of boys.

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Dealing a teenager is not a rocket science. For a healthy relationship with your teenager, you have to put some efforts by building trust, Offering help, respect them & Show them how much you care for them.

Happy Parenting………



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