Is Your Child Ready To Ride A Tricycle?

Is Your Child Ready To Ride A Tricycle?
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A tricycle is one of your child’s most appealing playthings. But unless it’s purchased at the right age, it can be pointless. Determining the age at which a child can ride a tricycle will help parents make informed decisions. Find out the right time to purchase a tricycle.

You just can’t wait to purchase your child’s fancy tricycle and watch it trundle down the lane. But, are you sure your child will be willing to ride one? If you bought it at the wrong time, your little one might not be able to enjoy it. What’s more, a kid may totally loathe the concept of riding a tricycle, given the effort it needs.

Safety Suggestions Before Buying A Tricycle

  • Don’t buy a tricycle until your child has the physical ability to handle it. Most children are ready around the age of three.
  • Purchase a tricycle with big wheels, built low to the floor. This type is safer because it tends to tip over less.
  • Get a properly fitting bicycle helmet, and teach your child to wear it every time she rides.
  • Tricycles should only be used in protected areas. Don’t let your child ride near cars, driveways, or swimming pools.
  • Children generally have no balance and muscle coordination to ride a two-wheel bicycle until about seven years of age.
  • Most kids can start riding a two-wheeler safely after age six with training wheels, but not before.
  • Again, make sure to wear an approved bicycle helmet (certified on the label that it meets the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission) to protect your child from injury.

Factors To Consider When to Buy a Tricycle for Kids

1. Height of your child:

Your child should be tall enough to reach the pedals comfortably. There’s no way he’ll enjoy riding a tricycle if the child has to stretch to reach the pedals. It’s also important for his feet to touch the ground as he sits on the tricycle. After all, a tricycle’s braking mechanism involves touching the ground at the foot. He might find it difficult to stop the bicycle if his feet do not touch the ground and are even prone to falling.

2. Coordination:

It’s not as easy to ride a tricycle as it seems. Your tot has to pedal with his foot, look in the way for hurdles, and steer if necessary. This requires a great deal of coordination and spatial awareness. It may take your little one some time to get to know it. Therefore, it would definitely not work to buy a tricycle before the child learns to coordinate his body and mind.

3. How strong your kid is?

There is no doubt that it can be difficult to ride a tricycle, especially if the child does not have the necessary strength. A tot must put a great deal of effort into pedaling the tricycle. Similarly, to turn the vehicle, he needs considerable strength. So if he has enough power to pedal and guide him around to find out when a child is prepared for a tricycle.

4. Balance is a key element:

Just because a tricycle has three wheels doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about balance. It’s important that your tot has enough body balance to get on and off the tricycle without falling down. Also, once he sits on the vehicle, he should be able to remain upright and stable. Riding in a straight line requires a sense of balance. So, unless your child is able to walk and run properly, it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy him a tricycle.

When he can go on and off and ride around without any assistance from you, your child is ready for a tricycle. Of course, you can also opt for a push-handle vehicle, but that is very far from the traditional tricycle.

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