India’s First Women-Only Hotel Is Opening Soon

India's First Women-Only Hotel Is Opening Soon
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If you are a woman who often travels on her own, you may have encountered problems during your stay. And you must have wished if there was only a women’s hotel to ensure safety and comfort. Even if you don’t, you’ll be glad to hear that your wish has come true! A women-only hotel in Kerala is about to open and will be run only by females to serve solo woman travelers like you!

India's First Women-Only Hotel Is Opening Soon
Image Source – Unsplash

This woman-only hotel is interestingly called’ Hostess’ and will open soon in Thiruvananthapuram. It is a new initiative of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) which wants to increase tourism. And encourage the state as a secure holiday destination for females. It is also the first hotel ever to be run by all-women personnel in India.

Located close to Kerala Central Railway Station, the hotel will consist of 22 AC rooms and two AC bedrooms. In addition to providing luxury facilities such as fitness facilities and complimentary breakfasts, it will also guarantee the safety and security of females travelers through its automated security facilities.

India's First Women-Only Hotel Is Opening Soon
Image Source – Unsplash

According to Rahul R., KTDC’s Managing Director, “This is the country’s first type.

This women-only hotel in Kerala also seeks to attract women travelers of all kinds including sportspersons. And if it succeeds, you could just see more hotels like that! While the room prices are yet to be announced, you can take advantage of the dormitories per hour and only INR 500 will be the cost for the first four hours. Moreover, the rooms are going to cost you about 1,500.

So, are you willing to explore a secure stay and experience it? We’d say, don’t think a lot, get your girl gang, pack your bags, and schedule your Kerala Trip immediately!

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