Ideas To Create Vertical Garden

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Ideas To Create Vertical Garden


House plants are ideal for making your home feel cozier and keeping the air fresh and clean at home. They can be used to decorate your house in different ways, and vertical gardening is one of those ideas that has been trending for quite a while.


What Is Vertical Garden?


A vertical garden, as the name suggests, is a garden where plants are grown on a vertically suspended panel, encouraging plants to grow up rather than outward. These panels can be either standing freely or mounted on a wall. Depending on the buyer’s preference, they vary in size. They may be as small as a frame or large enough to cover a wall as a whole. Also known by various names such as live walls, moss walls, and living green walls is this innovative way of gardening. 


Why Should You Choose Vertical Gardening?


Vertical gardens are an easy way to grow multiple plants with minimal effort because they require only one panel to be maintained. They look very impressive and if you are interested in growing your own food, they allow you to grow a variety of plants, from ferns to flowers and even vegetables. Vertical gardens allow you to grow more while using less space, so for small areas, they are the ideal gardens. Some vegetables that can be grown in vertical gardens are squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. 


Unique Ideas For A Vertical Garden:


If you’re not sure how to create a vertical garden, here are some ideas for you:

1. Fruit Crate Vertical Garden:

This vertical garden is ideal for you if you are one of those who buy many fruits and throws away the wooden craters in which it comes. Try to save these wooden crates and hang them up on the walls to keep your plantation pots.

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2. Vertical Garden With Metal Pipes:

Unused metal pipes can be transformed by cutting through the cylinder into a vertical wall garden. In order to do so, two long, hollow, semi-cylinder containers are required to hold plants and soils. To make the vertical garden beautiful and attractive, use as many metal pipes as you have or can get your hands on. 

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3. Tin Can Vertical Garden:

You can use old tin cans as plant pots. Make a small hole on each side so you can insert a nail to attach your tin can pot for a rustic-style vertical garden to some dismantled and mounted wooden planks.

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4. Iron Grid Garden:

Most of the balconies and windows in city apartments come with iron grids, which can be used by hanging your plant pots from the grills to create your vertical garden.

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5. Old Dresser Planter:

If you’ve got an old drawer chest or dresser you don’t feel fit for much anymore, think again. You can arrange and fill the drawers with soil to form what looks like a ladder. In this beautiful new vertical garden, plant fresh greens and colorful flowers and make up your balcony.

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6. Hanging Rack Vertical Garden:

With a few wooden boards, rope and plant pots, you can do this. Make holes in the exact size of your pots through the wooden boards. Place the pots in the holes and make sure they are safe. Then hang the wooden boards to finish the look.

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7. Pallet Planter:

For DIY projects, shipping pallets are ideal. You can use them as your vertical garden’s basic framework. Use landscape fabric to hold your soil and plants onto the planks by stacking them.

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8. Vertical Garden In Bookshelf:

Consider using it as a vertical garden before throwing out your old bookshelf. You can put it on your balcony, veranda, and it also creates a great vertical indoor garden.

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9. ladders Vertical Garden:

Old and unused ladders can be useful in making a vertical garden. Arrange in the shape of a mountain two wooden ladders so that their upper ends are attached and their lower ends spread apart to resemble a triangle. Place wooden boards on each ladder level to put on the pots of your plant.

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10.  Picture Frame Vertical Garden:

Use an extravagant living succulent picture frame to add a little charm and greenery to your home. Succulents are a natural choice for vertical gardens as they grow slowly and require little water.

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11. DIY Stacked Planter:

This is the easiest and most popular vertical garden design for DIY. You can make it with various sizes of clay pots, ranging from large to small. Placing the largest pot as the base, place another pot in this pot upside down to hold the next pot’s weight. Do the same as you want for as many layers. 

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There are numerous ways to make your own vertical garden to suit your style; just make sure that the place you choose to make it gets plenty of sunlight every day and that the materials you choose to make it with are sturdy enough to handle the plants ‘ weight and moisture.

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