How to Keep Your Child Happy During Summers


Summers are approaching, these hot days make infants (who are above 6 months of age) cranky and the worst part is that they are unable to express and we sometimes fail to understand their little little problems.

Here are some tips that can keep the child cool in such hot summers.

  1. Keep them Hydrated: Water itself is not enough, also infants can not show their urge to drink water. In such case its better to keep them hydrated through other means.

a) Feed them with water melon, oranges, cucumber and other such fruits or their fresh juices twice a day.

b) Their meals should have liquid portion such as curd or dal or milk shakes.

2. Stay Indoors: Keep them inside home 11am – 5pm. Encourage them to entertain themselves through toys or some indoor activities.

3. Dress them right: Do never over dress them, not even during winters. And when we talk about summers, always prefer soft cotton cloths which are light in colors.

4. Give them “No Nappy Time”: If you use Diapers for your babies then keep them diaper free for few hours a day. If you use cotton nappies then also make sure that they do not remain wet for long duration. Proper cleaning and drying is also must after every nappy change to prevent heat rash in summers.

5. Water-Play Time: Let them enjoy in their water tub (never leave them alone) for quite a time. It will cook them off and they will sleep well after a playful bathe.

6. Mosquito Protection: Keep your home mosquito free, do not let water clog in your balcony or garden. And do not use mosquito repellents directly on babies skin instead use lavender oil / cinnamon oil, it works as natural mosquito repellent.