How To Dress up Your Kids for Navratri Festival?

How To Dress up Your Kids for Navratri Festival?
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Do you know that the Navratri festival is celebrated in various ways throughout India? From north to south and east to west, the Navratri festival has a distinct flavor in every region, making it perfect for young children to learn and enjoy cultural diversity.

Not only us but also little kids are fascinated by the colorful festival. The festival once a year draws the smaller spectators that they feel like dressing up in this traditional costume and dancing away.

In this article, let’s talk about how you can dress up your Kids for Navratri festival.

How to Dress Up Your Kids For Navratri?

It can be a challenge in itself to pick a dress for your tiny tot. You want your little one to look at his best. Receive compliments from all of your friends and families, and outshine all of his peers. Make sure that not only does what you select look nice, but also that it is comfortable. Your child’s going to wear the clothing, run around, dance to music, and play with his buddies. He’s going to work up a sweat, and you don’t want his clothing to make him in any manner itchy or awkward. Likewise, you don’t want to weigh her down with too much fluff and jewelry if you have a daughter. Keep it easy, comfortable and appealing. Here are some tips you can get inspired by:

1. Dressing up little girls:

  • Dress:

The traditional Garba dress for girls is as follows: a colorful flared skirt, an embroidered blouse and a dupatta decorated with sequins, mirrors, shells, etc. A lot of varieties are available that are similar to this setup, and you can mix and match. But make sure it’s not too long or heavy for the dupatta. It requires to be light in order for your daughter to be able to manage it easily and not to trip while dancing. Pin it safely with a safety pin to her blouse, too, so it doesn’t slip off. The other tip is to find a dress that has no sticking out sequins or mirrors. These may touch the sensitive skin of your child and harm her.

  • Jewelry:

Usually, it’s better to leave your daughter free on any jewelry that might hamper her pleasure by annoying her or losing her. Even without any shiny jewelry, she’ll look great. But if she insists and you want to decorate her with a few easy accessories, choose lightweight jewelry. Like thread necklaces or earrings on their ears. With a few colorful bangles, you can adorn her arms as they usually don’t cause much trouble and are light to manage. Another choice is handmade jewelry like thread anklets.

  • Footwear:

A sort of Indian footwear known as ‘ mojris ‘ can offer your daughter comfortable and appealing footwear. Or you could just let her wear her shoes regularly. Don’t bring your kid in any heels shoes because it can be hazardous and easy to trip.

You can put some light on her face if your daughter is above 5 years old. Make sure you are using a good brand that does not cause any allergies and chemicals to your face. Apply only a little kohl and face powder otherwise, and she is prepared to go!

How To Dress up Your Kids for Navratri Festival?
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2. Dressing up little boys:

  • Dress:

A two-piece Kediyu is typically the masculine dress of Garba; it is a traditional embroidered sleeveless coat, a pajama colored underneath, and a turban or cap. Make sure that it is light, and it has no sharp paws or pins in it that can harm your kid. You have to get the right size to him so that when you dance it doesn’t slip. An optional item can be the cap.

  • Jewelry:

With some oxidized lightweight jewelry such as a metallic necklace, anklets, and clip-on earrings, you can adorn your child. You can also go for neck and feet thread accessories.

  • Footwear:

As for girls, mojri’s for boys are the most comfortable to wear and dance in.

  • Makeup:

You can put some lip gloss or foundation on it if it’s fascinating for your son to apply Makeup. Make sure it’s from a good brand that has no chemicals to irritate the skin of your son.

How To Dress up Your Kids for Navratri Festival?
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So, these are some of the tips to dress up your kids for Navratri festival.

Your kid will look smart as an accessory to his or her outfit carrying any of the above. They might, of course, be enthusiastic at the start, but tire out and get stuff in your hands for at least a while while while they runoff, but it’s worth seeing them in Navratri as a whole, wouldn’t it?

Navratri can be a wonderful moment for you and your friends to celebrate. In particular, your children are going to have a lot of fun. And watching them run around like princes and princesses would be incredible. Hope you’re following some of the above Garba children’s clothing thoughts and having a happy and safe Navratri. Make sure you take a lot of photos for your picture albums!