How To Deal With Hair Pulling In Babies ?

How To Deal With Hair Pulling In Babies ?
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Among the other strange habits, one of them is hair pulling in babies. Yeah, your little one may develop this habit, but there is no need to worry because for many possible reasons he may pull his hair or somebody else’s hair. Nonetheless, helping your baby get rid of this habit is crucial.

Why Do Babies Pull Hair?

For babies under 12 months of age, hair pulling can be a sign of stress. Stress-related hair pulling usually occurs when a child is frustrated, exhausted, or irritated. It may seem an odd reaction to stressful situations, but it is an effort to feel in control of their situation. Hair pulling is sometimes a symptom of Trichotillomania, which is a compulsive desire to pull your own hair out. Trichotillomania is a condition that requires medical treatment.

It’s a sign of tiredness if your child pulls their hair shortly before going to sleep. It should stop putting them to bed earlier. Give them lots of cuddles and reassurance as this is a response to feeling stressed and anxious when your baby pulls their hair when they get upset.

How To Deal With Hair Pulling In Babies?

It won’t help to get angry at your baby because he’s pulling his hair. Your baby is too young to understand your frustration, so find something else to help him outgrow this habit. So here are some ideas you can try to put an end on hair pulling in babies.

1. Cut your baby’s hair

If you’re concerned about the hair pulling habit of your baby cut his hair. If your baby has long hair, he may be able to pull it, but if you feel you don’t want to chop the hair of your baby, you can tie the hair of your baby in a ponytail.

2. Try to say no

Your words make a lot of difference to your baby. If your child is pulling his hair and you say’ NO’ to it, he will obey your order. Whenever your baby begins to pull your hair, pull away and say’ no.’ Doing this each time will help your baby recognize the unacceptable action of pulling hair.

3. Replace the negative with the positive

Whenever your child pulls your hair, take his hand off your hair gently. You can take the same hand and let him stroke your cheeks or hair gently. You can make pleasant gestures and remarks while doing so, which will help your baby understand what behavior is going to be like and what is going to be disliked.

4. Say it again and again

If you thought your baby would understand everything about not pulling his hair or pulling your long tresses, we might like to inform you that this may not be the case in the first go. With babies, because they don’t understand words, you have to be patient and persistent. When you say anything, however, it may get your baby’s attention again and again, and he may stop pulling hair.

5. Exhibit no response

If your baby pulls your hair to get your attention and you listen to him, he will continue to do that over and over again. We recommend you don’t respond to it whenever your baby shows such behavior. Stay calm and don’t respond. The baby will understand and let go of this habit slowly and gradually.

6. Be firm

Babies may not understand your words, but they understand gestures with certainty. You need to make your baby understand that if you don’t approve of some action. Nevertheless, make sure you act consistently and disapprove whenever your baby pulls hair, otherwise, it may confuse him. In your commands, you need to be firm and consistent.

7. Distract them

Occasionally pulling hair can just be a game for your little one, and he can enjoy it. Here, you can try to distract techniques. Try to divert his attention to another toy or some other activity, and he will soon forget that and he will not pull his hair.

There is no need for stress or anxiety as babies are also changing these patterns with time. If your baby still doesn’t abandon this addiction, however, follow certain of the above-mentioned advice to help him get rid of this new habit.

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