How Can A Woman Become A Biggest Support to Other Women !


When A Woman Opposes another unnecessarily then they all loose a big. A lose is in terms of Strength, Trust, Togetherness.

Have you ever seen a man bitching about other specially his friend or family? I haven’t seen any. It is said that when men gather they discuss either cricket or politics or woman (you know in what way) and if anyone of them anyway start bitching they all abuse him saying “saale aurton type ki batein na kar yahan”.

Unity is in community. Unite for yourself. Stand for another woman. The woman around you, in your home, at your neighborhood, at your workplace, on the street, shopping malls or wherever you can !

*Don’t judge her without knowing.
*Do not bully her with another person, you’ll not become better than her doing the same. Instead defend her.
*Do not push her doing wrong only if you’ve done it ever in your lifetime.
*Let her live her own way, teach her right, and one day she’ll surely become the Pride of your community.
*Break the Stereotypes. Yes in all manners !
*Do not create womanhood an embarrassment for her.
*Do not Make her feel an outsider at her own home.
*Let her learn and earn.
*Let her roam in any age, don’t stop her, protect her instead.

The list is endless but the conclusion is one. Walk hand in hand and grow fearless.


Happy Women’s Day !

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