10 Things To Set Your Healthy Night Routine

healthy night routine
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               Healthy Night Routine


Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life and well settle routine? Here I would love to mention healthy night routine is what we set up and how we follow it every day. So it’s my friendly request to all of you that you must follow this routine to keep your mind positive and peaceful. 

And all of these have been personally experienced, hence all of them work well in my case and I am extremely happy to say that I never felt sleepy after waking up early in the morning. I commence my day with a bright and healthy mood.

1) Drink More Water:

Who, don’t want to wake up hydrated? Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day especially at night you should consume at least 3 to 4 glasses of water 2 hours before going to bed. It will keep your body hydrated and also makes digestion easier.

2) Shower:

Shower with warm water can help you to maintain body temperature which is crucial in regulating sleep. It helps you to feel relaxed and can give you better sleep.

3) To do list:

Start writing a journal, maintain your to-do list. It will help you to keep yourself organized and you will never forget your tasks cataloged for the next day. By writing a to-do list and personal journal you can clear your mind. And a clear mind will help you to have peaceful sleep.

4) Meditation:

It’s really important to calm your mind with a few minutes of meditation. The practice has infinite health benefits, including better sleep. Try reciting a few mantras before drifting off to sleep tonight and you will reap the benefits tomorrow.

5) Restrict all devices:

As per great writer, Robin Sharma’s book “5 AM Club”, you should keep blue lights away from yourself two hours before going to bed. Blue lights emitted from our phone, TV, laptops can disrupt our sleep cycles.

6) Brush those teeth:

 We are learning this from decades that we should brush our teeth twice a day. If you don’t, plaque and bacteria can build up pretty fast, making your breath foul.

7) Eat healthy and smart: 

As per old tales, we should not eat anything before going to bed. And I also follow this as I don’t eat anything after 6:30 PM, I prefer to consume salad, water only in the evening.

8) Calm corner:

Must clean your space and spend some time at your “Funky Kona”. It will give you some positive vibes and refresh your mood and it also changes the mood in the morning, if you see some good things (views) or arrangements around you.

9) Have a wholesome Sleep:

Go to bed at a time from when you can complete your sleep at least for 8 hours max or 7 hours which is necessary for being healthy. Because too much sleep regularly can cause diabetes, heart disease, obesity, impaired brain function according to several studies.

10) Bar out noise and light: 

Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Use a sleep mask for better results. Use earplugs, a fan or calm soothing music to avoid external noise.

All these healthy sleeping habits will help you to maintain the good health of your mind & brain. And you will become an organized person too.

I wish you all “Get a better sleep”

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