Gujarat On High Alert: Cyclone Vayu Veers Away

Gujarat- Cyclone Vayu
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Cyclone Batters Fishing Center But Departs From The Indian Coast

Gujarat’s coastal areas remain alert on Thursday, although the authorities have stated that Cyclone Vayu will unlikely land in the state. The cyclonic storm, categorized as “very serious,” changed its trajectory in the early hours of the day, but officials did not discount the risks from high-speed winds, dust storms, harsh water environments, and heavy precipitation.

“The risk of wind, the storm of dust and rainfall remains great. The storm center, recognized as the eye, has shifted slightly back from the Gujarat shore.  But its diameter is well over 900 km, “an officer from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) informed PTI news agency,

Reports had predicted that for the Gujarat coast the cyclone was moving straight. On Thursday morning, however, IMD announced that Vayu had veered off its path and moved back into the sea north-northwest instead.

On Thursday about three lakh people moved onto a massive evacuation drive to safer places when the storm approached the coast of Gujarat. It was expected this afternoon to land between Dwarka and Veraval. As a precaution, schools and colleges were shut today, while IAF helicopters were invited to stand by for rescue and relief operations by NDRF personnel. Fishermen were also warned that they will not go to the sea as it turns rough.

Because of Cyclone Vayu, the Western Railways have canceled 70 trains and will terminate 28 others. Similarly, the Gujarat Maritime Board also suspended all shipping activities across the Khambhat Gulf. Moved more than 1,600 workers, including those on the Alang shipbreaking yard and the Chara port. Also suspended was the RO-PAX ferry service between Dahej and Gogha across the Khambhat Gulf.

From Wednesday, all the ports in Gujarat stopped the boat berthing.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who comes from Gujarat, said that the central government “monitored the situation closely.”

“Praying for all those affected by Cyclone Vayu’s safety and well-being,” Modi tweeted.

Cyclones in Gujarat are relatively rare, but they can be dangerous and destructive. The worst was the death of over 4,000 people in 1998.

This year, Vayu is the second cyclone in India.