Growing Up In The Digital Age

Growing Up In The Digital Age
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Kids born in this generation are Digital Age Kids. They don’t know what know what a computer was. For them, Hashtag is Hashtag not a symbol of a pound. Today teenagers is a member of more than 1 social media platforms. Social media is now an integral part of teenagers lives.   

Advantages Of Social Media on the lives of teenagers:

  • Up to date with the current technology: Today technology is changing rapidly. Social media help teenagers to know about the new and latest technology which they can use it for their own good. Its good for them to up to date with technology & knows the changing trends in technology.


  • Helps in getting jobs: With the help of social media you can apply or post a job. It helps to search jobs like part time, full time, volunteer positions, internships or contract jobs. It provides user to create there own profile according to there skills and interests. It provides you to search for new opportunities according to your preferred location.


  • Enhance Self-esteem: Social Media is a platform where you can express your views freely. You can join groups or fan page in which you are interested and where you can show your personality. In this platform, your views are count which helps to boost your self-esteem. Your online confidence helps in your physical lives also where you can pursue your passion to the fullest.


  • Information about current affairs: With the help of social media one can know what is going on in a state, country, and even the entire world. With the help of this, they are updated with all the information about the current topics and also can make informed decisions based on what they know.

Disadvantages Of Social Media on the lives of teenagers:

  • Discloser of many information: Social media makes you to disclose too many information which you will not disclose face to face. Information like where you live, where you go to school and other personal details make it easier for the person who wants to harm you.


  • Limited Social skill: In the era of social media, spending more time on screen affect the social skills of teenagers. Because of this the person, who is very outspoken on social media being quite reserved when it comes to face to face interactions. 


  • Affect Productivity: Spending too much time on social media affect their school work, extra-curricular activities. This leads to reduces their productivity levels which end up being addicted to the social media platforms.


  • Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is one of the disadvantages increasing days by day. Cyberbully use the social media platform to taunt and bully others as it is easier to bully through social media than to do it physically. Cyberbullying is now increasing from bad to worst and also sometimes leads to long-lasting pain.

Now there is a change in trend in social media usage like:

  • Teens now not only adding friends but also adding virtual followers. Today teens know the risk of virtual friends. Also nowadays teen uses emoji instead of works to express their emotions or views.


  • Teens now understand who are there trusted friends and who is fake. Now teens make groups with their trusted friends and share everything there. If someone in the group is behaving strangely or sharing unnecessary fake details, then teen can block him/her and also can report the concerned profile.


  • Social media is a platform which you can showcase your creativity and talents. You can use a platform like Youtube where you can share a video of your talent. Also, you can learn performing arts, photography, hobbies, DIYs and so on.


  • Social media is the best source of infotainment where you get all time of information related to academics, hobbies, volunteering and so on. For visual content, you can use YouTube, Instagram, Teen uses social media to download apps which help them get everything customized according to their own choices. 

Because of the explosion of information teens  have become smarter. But, to develop a sense of responsibility and use social media in a positive manner monitoring and supervision by parents is necessary.

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