Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age

Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age
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You aren’t alone when you recall your parents raging on the table as a kid. Although these memories can now seem old-fashioned, good manners never go out of style. For your children, every meal can serve as an opportunity to learn proper etiquette. Read on about the good table manners for kids that they should know and use, from holding a napkin in their lap to wiping their plate off the table and everything in between.

How to Teach Good Table Manners

If it comes to teaching children something different, always, always, lead by example. Demonstrate and clarify constantly to your child what has to be done and how. By watching and imitating their parents, kids understand. So they get to see you and other members of the family set the expectations for proper table etiquette, such as speaking nicely at the table, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when speaking, etc.

Bear in mind that your child’s good behavior at the table is always valued. When praising a child, it is often best to speak directly.

Being consistent is important when teaching proper table manners to children. When you expose your child to a respectful action like saying ‘thank you,’ set reasonable expectations at the outset, and remind the child immediately or politely any time he forgets to say it. He would eventually become conditioned to say ‘thank you’ whenever possible.

The arrangement of dinner theme nights each week may be another means of teaching good table manners. For instance, you can choose a specific Chinese cuisine. Not only can kids find it an enjoyable and fascinating way to pick up proper table etiquette, such as the use of chopsticks, but they can also learn about other countries’ culture and eating habits.

Good Table Manners for Kids

1. Dirt-Free Hands and Face

Make sure the child washes her hands and face before entering the dining hall or seating at dinner. Cleanliness displays a reverence for food while feeding and is also one of the hygienic habits. The ingestion of dirty-handed food would jeopardize the appearance of the child and the parents in public. It will even make it really possible for germs to invade a child’s body. Thus, taking care of personal hygiene is good for both children and parents.

Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age
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2. Using Napkin

Establish a tradition of using napkins when you eat. You may use napkins to wipe the food around your mouth, hands, and fingers. It also defends the children’s clothing from food particles being stained.

Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age
Image Source- Pixabay

3. Never Over Fill the Plate

Many adults can still be seen loading their plates more than necessary. Be sure that you teach your child to allow a minimum amount of food to be served on his plate so that he can consume it without making any mess. If the plate is so full, it is high that the child drops the food down. Teach them to play safe and ask if there is a need for more.

4. Chew with the mouth shut

Often children chew food open in their mouths and allow food to spill. This is really necessary. It doesn’t just look uncomfortable, but can be incredibly irritating if you eat at a restaurant or somebody’s house. Instruct them to chew the mouth shut, this looks decent, and the food is chewed in this way, too.

Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age
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5. Avoid Talking While Eating

Ask your children not to talk too much while they have food, and not to make the dining table a conference table. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to act like a zombie by being still. Encourage children not to talk because they have food in their mouths if they wish to say something. Limit their discussions to encourage them to focus more on eating food properly.

7. Hands or Spoon, eat the right way

In India, we usually tend to feed with our hands. But the pattern is shifting, and people love to eat with a spoon, a knife, and a fork. Well, that depends on the cuisine type. You can’t eat chapati or naan with a spoon and you can’t eat pasta with your fingers. Teach your children what food products should be eaten by hand and both of them require a spoon. Even whether he or she is relaxed in their hands, make sure they don’t use both hands as they look shabby again.

8. Eat when all are served

Everybody must be interested unanimously when you eat together. Teach your child to only start to eat once all is served on the table. When you are in a restaurant and someone has yet to order, tell the child to share food. This seems warm and nobody feels out of space.

Good Table Manners for Kids of Every Age
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9. Eat in a small portion

Filling the mouth with food isn’t a good way to eat. And children prefer to take bigger food bites in general. Not only does this make them seem very bizarre, but it also gives them some trouble to chew. It’s still easier to take a little bite, wolfing down the meal isn’t the best way to go.

10. Showing Gratitude and Appreciation

When asking others to serve or share food, teach the children to use terms like “please” Once the request has been fulfilled or favor has been given, advise them to use the expression “Thank you.” Tell them that at the dinner table they can never carry on comments about the food.

So, these are 10 good table manners for kids that they should know and use.

The people around you will still enjoy healthy meals, which also represents an important one for your parents. Always note, when you’re eating at home, going out, or sharing dinner with friends, kids’ table manners are a crucial part of any meal. These are the social interaction methods that will definitely help you live.

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