Good or bad, everything eventually empowers you

Good or bad, everything eventually empowers you
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Whatever I am today, it’s all because of my hard work, saying that would be the biggest lie of my life. My life whatever it is today, I owe it so many people, people I love and who love me, who loved me once, who hate me.

I am 25, and like every other girl of this age, going through heartbreak, worried about carrier and future. Still I enjoy my life. I like it and the people in my life make it great for me. I am a student. I look forward to go to my university every morning, and I am grateful for the people who make it so exciting.

My mornings begin with my mom and coffee, the little chitchats along with it. The morning phone calls from dad as he works in a different city. My time with my parents in the morning keeps me sane, because having a family and feeling important is necessary. My mother is my friend and my dad is my hero. When some girl say this we either think its cliché or the idea is already stereotyped. However, I say that’s what my parents are to me and that’s what they are to every other girl.

On this women’s day, the two people I want to thank first is my parents. All my teenage to youth to adulthood I have been a pain in the ass to them. My life had seen drastic changes, which my parents went through with me. They made sure they are there always, were constantly supporting most importantly encouraging me. This could sound like every other story, but I believe there is no such thing. Each of our life is entirely different from the other. Every woman has her own fight, her own space of happiness and she is different from every other woman and is important, special. My sister is not my best friend but my best critic. If someone could be brutal honest to me about me it’s her. I am thankful for her honesty, her hidden love and care in it. In spite being married and a mother today I still have my sister. Her critical brutal comments have been so encouraging to me, as I felt more confident about myself.

Now comes the part where I want to mention the most important person. Family does things for you – they love and they care because they are family. When a stranger does something for you, that’s special. I call this stranger my best friend today, who has also become my family. I had given up the hopes of ever having a normal life. I was a roaming epitome of sadness, melancholy, pessimism etc. I didn’t know what it meant to be positive, to be happy, to laugh. Then she walked in, as in these fairy-tales; she was my angel in disguise. Because she did magic, like some wonder. I am not that person anymore. I am someone who makes sure I smile at every face I know, my face gleams brighter than the sun and I look forward to each day with so much of affirmation. I don’t think I can ever limit myself to talk about her. She is such a brave, happy, positive person, just being with her makes things all right. She is someone I admire so much and look up to. She is my go-to person. I am so blessed I have ever. The biggest gift one can have is to have a person to whom we can open up to without being judged and for me, she is that person. I want to thank her so much on this women’s day for encouraging me so much that I love my life and for the better person I have become today.

There is one person whom you love unconditionally in none of the above context. The one who comes into your life either to bring happiness or to teach a lesson. This person bought both happiness and a lesson in my life. I want to thank him the most on this women’s day. Some people have to walk despite the fact of the unconditional love you share. He was my critic, my support, and my encouragement. I want to thank this man for making me feel beautiful about my inner self. I want to thank him for all the love, the heartbreak, as they say it makes you stronger, it does. He was also a reason for me grow up to be a better person. The memories that I have, I’ll always cherish them.

On Women’s day or any day, if I am given a chance to talk about people to whom I am grateful to, I wouldn’t miss any of the people I have mentioned, ever. They were and are a part of me, seeing me turn into a woman from the imbecile and incognito girl I was. I am grateful for all those who were part of this journey. They all have contributed something to the fact I call myself “woman” today. My life holds importance of both women and men playing equal important roles in the journey from my girlhood to a womanhood.

– Nivethitha Tamilselvan

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