Global Family Day 2021 – Celebration, Significance

Global Family Day 2021 – Celebration, Significance
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One word that has endless emotions and thoughts is family. For a single-family, its identity and its role in life are special. Two-thirds of the world’s population marks Global Family Day every year on January 1st. January 01, has long been called a day of fresh starts, most of us use this chance to begin and end our habits. New year resolutions were typically made that entail an attempt to improve behavior and lead a happier life. Family day celebrations basically have to do with celebrating and loving your own family.

What is Global Family Day?

Usually, people make New Year’s resolutions on January 1, such as quit smoking, stop saying lies, get up early, quit drinking….etc. Likewise, Global Family Day was founded in order to foster love and peace.

The annual Global Family Day promotes the belief that the World is a global family and that we should live in harmony. As our own family members, we should love and care for everyone.

Don’t confuse it with the International Family Day on 15 May. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly announced International Family Day. Organizations and governments are taking advantage of this day as an occasion to boost familial consciousness and improve families’ knowledge about the social, economic, and demographic process.

Global Family Day 2021 – Celebration, Significance
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History of Global Family Day

The UN General Assembly proclaimed in November 1997 that the first year of the new Millennium (2000) should entail the advent of the World Culture for Peace and Nonviolence and that the decade would be announced “One Day of Peace.” It was the first year of a New Millennium. A formal invitation to participate was sent to all UN Member States in 1999. This observance was founded by the UN as a yearly occurrence since 2001. This day is being encouraged to celebrate by exchanging meals and contributing to organizations serving the needy. January 1 is also observed as World peace Day along with Global Family Day.

Global Family Day 2021 – Celebration, Significance
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Global Family Day is a day of sharing. This day is best celebrated by spending time with your own family. Families should come together to share food and other valuables in order to make personal contributions to the worldwide message of peace. You can also reach your area and your community, particularly individuals who live alone or senior citizens. This day is to rekindle our connection and treat every other human being as a member of our family.

Encourage people to spend a day with their family members and share time with them. By giving gifts and exchanging meals, you will express your love to others. Make it a safer place for the world to live by making personal contributions to nonviolence. On this day, you will spread a message of peace to all kinds of people. Share your day with the hashtag #GlobalFamilyDay on social media.

Significance & Purpose 

It is on 1 January 2021 today. The new year is starting today. On 1 January the United Nations proclaimed the Global family Day   In today’s part-time life, people are having less time to spend time with the family, so with the intention to devote themselves to the family today, the United Nations has declared the celebration of this day.

The aim of this day is the peace of the world. People come together on this day to establish a united society, which is the aim of this day. In our lives, the family is a boon, so it can not be refused, giving the world of our day the happiness of today.

Facts Of Global Family Day

The year in which the Global Family Day was first celebrated is not exactly known. The origin of this day is not clear. However, many people agree that this Day will begin with the declaration of the first millennium year of the United Nations General Assembly that the Universal Decade for a Community of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World will begin in 1997.

The one day of Goodwill and hence the Global Family Day was celebrated. This Day is also regarded as the Day of Peace and Sharing.

The first day of the year was therefore made a day to remember how both local and global peace is promoted. The declaration made by the UN General Assembly in 1997 began with the theme “One Day of Peace,” which was then celebrated on the first day of each year.

Global Family Day wishes quotes and Messages

  • We always have a family with us, regardless of what happens. Happy global family day.
  • Family is God’s major blessing. Just keep it secure. Keep it safe. Blessed family day! Happy family day!
  • Our family is God’s most sacred and beautiful gift. Love, admire and treasure them since they are the reason for our happiness and smile.
  • Today is a day of love, family, joy and being together. It’s a perfect day to do whatever you and your loved ones want.
  • The Happy Family is the cornerstone of a happy community. Let all families come together and spread love and brotherhood to one another.
  • Our family is our joy. I want to spend this day with a wonderful family of mine.
  • All people have blood of the same color, and that’s brotherhood. Happy Global Family Day.
  • Work together, improve the relationship between countries, and contribute to the protection of the global family.
  • One heaven, one planet, one family! Wishes on  Global Family Day!
  • Start the year with the blessing of peace. Happy Global day

New Year is the right time for all of us who would like peace on Earth to do our best to develop a better world over the next year. It is also the perfect opportunity to hold an event that spreads hope for our mutual desire for a world that is more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable.

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