12 Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls

10 Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls
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Now, family contacts have taken the virtual route with social distances in effect. Apart from catching up, here are a couple of ideas to instill joy, laughter, and cheer in your virtual meetings. The more the merrier, so don’t forget to invite someone who is scattered across the country and the world. Scroll down for the 12 fun things to do over video calls.

Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls

Video calls with family and friends are one of the new trends in the lockdown. Spruce the 12 fun things to do over video calls to add more fun while chatting!

1.  Cooking Together

Why not appoint a person to pick a recipe step-by-step if you are in a larger group?? You can sit back and eat with each other once it’s all done.

You should all take turns selecting what the nosh is on the plate, and it will certainly include not only the recipe that you’ve been dying to get off your mate but also some serious LOLs for the less-practiced cooks.

10 Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls

2. Costume Party

All dressed up and not a place to go? Okay, how about practically dressing up without a place to go? It’s a yes from me.

You can organize a game, in which everyone meets online and one person shouts a theme, and the other players have to have got a look together in a short time. Or maybe you might use a secret Santa-style app like Elfster to make each other dress up as an individual. It could all end so badly.

3. Picture Perfect

Each individual shows a picture (the older, the better), describes the time, location and tells a small story about the image, what was the occasion, etc.

Old photos help relive delightful memories and give young family members a peep into life in the past.

Children are excited to see their parents’ pictures at younger ages.

Talk to others, enjoy the memories. A perfect way to share children’s family history.

12 Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls

4. Skill Exchange

Everybody’s got something they’re very good at. Cooking, sewing, dancing, etc. So, why not share this skill?

Each one of them will share their skills and people will have the ability to learn and develop their own talents in no time.

5. Passing the parcel

You can customize this famous game to be played digitally

Each family is sitting in a circle and has a ball or cushion around the circle.

Each family turns around and moves the item, while a family member claps his hands.

When the clapping ends, a task will be given to the person who has the item in his hand.

Take a look at the fun of each family as they try to outwit each other by performing challenging, funny, or odd tasks.

Be careful not to cause anyone unnecessary embarrassment and remember that children also play.

5. Dumb charades with a twist

This team game can be a favorite of all times when it is played in virtual mode.

Pick the theme of “family members.” Give every person a turn to create a family character and let others devise the character

You can also choose to enact people who are closely related to your family – family doctor, tailor, hairdresser, etc.

Make sure that the younger children have a few special rounds.

6. Crafting

Now is the time to fine-tune your macramé skills, revive your macaroni picture frame abilities, heck, maybe paper mache is what you’ve wanted all these years in your life.

7. Family quiz

Get one member of the family to become the quizmaster, who can also prepare the quiz.

Questions about persons from immediate and extended members of families – ln laws, neighbors, housekeepers – maids, drivers, cooks, watchmen, families of all can be asked.

Be sure to include questions that are based on funny and memorable personal incidents.

Be careful to hurt anybody’s feelings – stop something so personal that could offend an individual or humiliate them.

Build your own set of fun-filled quiz rules.

8. Read Stories

This idea is great for grandparents and grandchildren – and we have friends in other countries who frequently do it for grandparents/grandchildren.

Take a book of stories and relax for the time of the story-or to make up your own stories.

These can be done by adults too! Instead of reading a novel, why not swap old family memories, or listen to stories of someone you love from childhood?

12 Fun Things To Do Over Video Calls

9. Catch Up Over Coffee

Make a cup of coffee and have a coffee with your friends! It might at first feel a little strange, but even after these days, you might find yourselves continuing, as you can talk with friends from around the globe at once.

10. Dinner date

There’s no question that being able to remain in contact more easily is something that we’re all immensely thankful for right now – but a pandemic or no pandemic, we ‘re all human, so we’re all going to have days where juggling the to-do list is daunting.

There is a convenient multi-task here – how about a video call at dinner?? This way, you ‘re eating together, so you can talk so feel connected, but in a comfortable, casual way.

11. Arty party

When baking is a flop, it’s a question for the craft. Start with family portraits – you can twist coins to see who is doing or rotating until everybody has a whole family set. For nothing more, it’ll be a laugh, and it will be a fun keepsake to show the piece of art.

12. Guess Who!

Everybody turns to think of a member of the family.

Another effort to find out who the person is by posing questions that the person can only respond with: yes, no, or maybe.

For example – Is the person a woman? Is the individual a parent? Does that person go to school, etc?

All players may ask only 10 questions and only three guesses are permitted.

An engaging way to use your analytical skills.

So, these are 12 fun things to do over video calls to add more fun while chatting!

These ideas will certainly inspire your own creative ideas. You can create a photo album and share the good times during lockdown with all family members!

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