Flu Season !


What is flu (Influenza)​?

A contagious viral infection, normally it starts with cough and cold and may end up into high fever. Babies are too prone to infection as their new immature immune system is easy target for viruses.

​​Few more symptoms are:

  1. Lazy Baby: Tiredness may affect activeness of your baby and he will be seen lesser interested than usual
  2. Fever: he may be cranky due to slight chills ​or high fever
  3. R​unny or blocked nose: you may notice his coughy breathing
  4. D​ry cough and sore throat
  5. Diarrhoea and Vomiting
  6. ​L​ack of appetite: he may refuse meals
  7. T​rouble in sleeping: blocked nose will irritate him. As babies do not know how to breath with mouth. Blocked nose is a curse for them. For this saline solution can be used.

If it is just a cold, no high fever than have patience and try below home remedies-

(Never avoid a high fever or excessive congestion)

Home remedies: (for babies above 6 Months)

Babies below six months are too tender, breast milk has all in it to cure their problems, however if it becomes uncontrollable then consult physician.

DISCLAIMER: These home remedies are all Ayuvedic, kindly use them only if your baby has no allergy with used ingredient.​

  1. Plenty of fluids and adequate sleep heals it best. You can give Luke warm soups, daal ka pani etc. This will sooth his sore throat as well.
  1. Boil drinking water with tulsi leaves.
  2. Breast milk is an all time boon for babies below 2 years.
  3. Mist of Ajwain near baby’s head rest. It will easy his breathing during nap time.
  4. Massage of mustard oil with ajwain or garlic in it. It warms the chest best and clarify the congestion.
  5. Carrot soup for babies above 6 months
  6. Steam: It soothes the best..Make sure safety, ​while making arrangements for steaming the room (it can be done with simple steamer available at any medical shop)

Alternatively: You can also use pressure cooker by boiling water in it and placing it in the closed bedroom, the lid of cooker should be closed without whistle. It should be kept away from baby’s reach.

Never ever leave you kid free when doing this arrangement. Else you can opt for humidifiers also.

How to avoid spreading of Infection at home:

Cough and cold get easily spread through the minute droplets of sneeze or cough that remain in our hand or somewhere else, viruses are alive there and can easily attack any nearby target.

  1. Avoid touching kids at home, when you are having flu.
  2. Always wash off your hand properly before taking baby into hands.
  3. Never use common towel between you and baby.
  4. Let kid learn hand washing as soon as possible.
  5. Do not let litter or food remains on the floor. (Kids tend to pick and eat the food on the floor)
  6. Try to keep their toys washed or clean them every day (as they tend to take toys in mouth)

7.Never give pain killers or ibrufen or paracetemol to babies without consulting paediatrics.

  1. Limit his contact with outsiders during flu season.

Image source: lifemartini.com​

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