First 1000 Days!


Why Hash tag First 1000 days is famous across the globe.

What does this period Indicate: Child’s life from pregnancy through a child’s 2nd birthday.

Why it matters:

1. It is the most critical period in child’s as well as mom’s life.
2. Proper nutrition for Mother and Baby is required all through this period to build up the best immunity as well as life long health for the baby and Good nutrition for mother to recover from postnatal depletion.
3. The development of Baby’s brain occur most rapidly in this period, which needs proper fuel to grow nicely.
4. This Zone is exclusive for mother-child bond development. Though a baby knows and understand the other world, but still need the Mother most.
5. Those 1000 days has multiple milestones that every baby achieves which includes weaning, crawling, walking, talking etc etc.

Take Care about this most:

1. Every Child has his own behavioral patterns which mother understands the most. Never avoid any signals or actions, many of their signals are important because that is the only way of communication they know.
Those signals includes crying, laughing, some specific gestures, some mumbling etc.
2. Being careful all the time: When a baby starts crawling his activities gets multiplied many folds, and being vigilant in this period is most important.
Vigilance doesn’t mean stopping the child to move… let him explore the world. You just be careful.

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