Facts About Male Body We Never Knew

Facts about male body
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Surprising Facts About Male Body

As far as the distinctions between men and women are concerned, leaving the seat in the toilet is the least. Men may not be from Mars, but their bodies are. In many ways, markedly different from the bodies of women to belong to aliens. The masculine body is capable of things that are truly extraordinary (and sometimes shocking). There are various surprising facts about male body.

Although there may be many biological variations between males and females. The male body is something exceptional and mysterious, and it is full of surprises. Men also share with females some shocking similarities about which most individuals likely have no clue.

Even many people are probably unaware of many of these extremely surprising facts about male body Keep reading to learn about the male body that your high school anatomy class probably didn’t cover. Nevertheless, don’t be nervous— there will be no test.

Facts about male body

1. Under extreme conditions, lactation is feasible:

If you believe lactation is the domain of a woman alone, we’re not blaming you. Breastfeeding, after all, is most frequently associated with pregnancy and motherhood. However, it turns out that males can lactate as well— although it’s far from a prevalent event. Although it has been claimed that any person can cause lactation by stimulating the nipple.

Male lactation can happen only as a result of a hormone spike, potentially due to a pituitary tumor, or as a side effect of medication. Such circumstances can make prolactin, the hormone required to generate milk, more productive. Now surprising facts about male body that only a few people know

2. Slow Ageing:

The face of a man maintains his young appearance much longer than that of a woman. All this is due to the fact that the skin of a man loses its collagen concentration much slower as he grows older, which means that it is much more resistant to wrinkling and decay.

Since males tend to take less care of the skin on their face than females do, however, they are more vulnerable to damaging external circumstances that can decrease their natural benefits over females to zero.

3. They may be infected with yeast:

Another thing we typically think of is yeast infections happening only in women. Unfortunately, males may also be infected with yeast, and it is just as unpleasant to them as it is to females. A popular way for males to contract a yeast infection is by having sex with someone who has an infection, but by poor hygiene, they can also develop it.

In males, infections with yeast can also lead to an unpleasant disease called balanitis, causing inflammation of the head of the penis. Symptoms include the gathering of a white substance in the penis skin folds, bright, white skin regions, and itching or burning feeling. Balanitis is more prevalent in uncircumcised or overweight males and those with pre-existing health circumstances like diabetes or HIV. Antibiotics can also improve the likelihood of developing balanitis over an extended period of time.

4. Premenstrual syndrome

Some may find this very surprising fact about the male body, but 26 percent of males experience PMS as well. A person becomes more vulnerable, irritable, and hungry during these times, and may even experience cramps of the stomach. That is, he has the same symptoms that a female has.

5. Post-partum depression can affect fathers also

It is hard for anyone to get through pregnancy and childbirth, but some females may experience more sequences. The post-partum depression may last a few weeks or longer and may be marked by anxiety, panic attacks, loss of activity interest, reduced appetite, and family and friends withdrawal. Postpartum depression can occur in one in seven mothers, but males also suffer. In young parents, relationships or economic issues and people with a history of depression, the disease is more prevalent. And In males, the disease is called postpartum paternal depression, while its symptoms can be the same as females.

In the first quarter of the pregnancy, 10 percent of males are suffering from paternal postpartum depression. Even six months after birth, depression may remain. In the three to six months following the baby’s birth, the number of men who have postpartum depression rises to 26%.

6. Men are not as great at seeing colors:

Men can discern far fewer shades of color than females can, and the reason for this is quite easy. Retinal cone cells determine color perception. The X chromosome contains information about them, and as women have two X chromosomes, they are naturally twice as many conical cells as men.

7. Adam’s apple

Have you ever wondered for what the apple of Adam is, and why do men have larger than women? Women only have a small protrusion of thyroid cartilage on their necks, the only purpose of which is to protect the vocal cords.

Also responsible for the higher tone of the voices of people is this thyroid cartilage. Its angle in relation to the annular cartilage changes during a person’s adolescent years, forming Adam’s apple and leading to the so-called “breaking” of a person’s voice. This angle is smaller in men than in women, increasing the protrusion and lowering their voices.

So these are some of the amazing and surprising facts about male body.

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