Essential Diwali Safety Tips For Your Kids

Essential Diwali Safety Tips For Your Kids
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One of our nation’s most highly celebrated festivals is Diwali. Full of vibrancy, this festival of lights brings joy and togetherness. Diwali was a thrilling time when we were children, and it’s the same for our little ones as well! This festival is worth waiting for during the year for sweets, new clothing, and delicious crackers, but only if you stay safe! Scroll down to know the essential Diwali safety tips for your kids.

Diwali, on the flip side, is also the moment when there are multiple fire accidents and casualties. While it is a holiday for most persons, on Diwali, fire services and hospitals are on constant alert. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have a safe and happy Diwali, but each Diwali brings a fresh crop of cases involving severe burns and unexpected accidents. It is also important for parents to take safety measures during the Diwali season and to observe them religiously.

Essential Diwali Safety Tips For Your Kids

The mishandling of fireworks is the most frequent source of injuries during Diwali. Parents need to consider the complexities of the safety of fireworks for kids to have a happy and safe Diwali. For eg, you should know what kind of fireworks are acceptable for your child’s age. Never encourage young children to do fireworks without near-adult supervision. Even the most harmless sparklers and flowerpots will cause serious injury if simple safety precautions are overlooked during Diwali. Here are Here is the list of top 10 absolutely essential Diwali safety tips for your kids.

1. Proper clothing

The important ritual of the Diwali festival is the wearing of new clothing. Yet dressing up nicely is very important to both you and your family.

Ensure appropriate clothes for your children. Festivals are a time where everyone loves to wear fancy clothing, so make sure your kids change clothes before the crackers are lit. Dress your children in body-fitting clothes so that a diya or a cracker has fewer chances of cloth catching fire. Evite the flow of clothes when they catch fire very easily. To prevent mishaps, dress your children in comfortable clothes and even tie their hair.

2. Lamp/diyas

Diwali is basically a festival of light where the homes are illuminated with candles and diyas. But diyas will lead to fires if not taken care of.

As Diwali is a festival of light, we are bound to light the entire house with electric lights and diya lights. Do not light diya’s on the passages in the home or near any curtains.  Buy high-quality lighting equipment to prevent any short circuits or other electrical injuries. Make sure you mount the lights out of sight of the kids. Keep candles and diyas away from curtains and other flammable objects. Do not light diyas in the area of electric cables. Place the candles / diyas on a flat surface so that they do not break. Keep the pets and children safe from the diyas. Do not keep the diyas on the gate, so that no one falls and harms himself.

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3. Keep a bucket of water handy

Prevention is still better than treatment, as they say. So the safest thing is to be vigilant for any unwanted mishaps.

In the case of flames, you can only spill water and douse the fire. It is also a safe option to place the burnt crackers in a bucket full of water since you never know if the remaining gunpowder in the burnt crackers will catch fire again or respond differently to environmental activities. Holding a pair or two of a blanket available is also a safe choice for emergency use.

4. Firecrackers

In lieu of the government ban, firecrackers are still a major part of the Diwali festival. Especially when you have children and teenagers in your family.

To prevent unnecessary injuries, it is recommended that you buy crackers from a reputable and well-known (licensed) store. This refers to both food and crackers. Kids should be able to connect Diwali with not just crackers, but with food, festivity, lighting, and gathering together.

Don’t burst crackers that emit a lot of noise and smoke. If you’re going to purchase, buy firecrackers from reputable brands and retailers to make sure they are of high quality. Explain to the children to burn crackers under the care of the elderly. Lit the crackers in the open space, bursting just one cracker at a time. Have a water bowl handy that can be used in the event of an injury. Don’t stand too close to where crackers are bursting.

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5. Food safety

Without the lip-smacking delicacies prepared for the celebration of the festival, no Diwali is complete. However, due to strong demand, the quality of food is affected.

If the sweets are made by you at home, so there’s nothing like this. If you get it from outside, be smart, and buy from only trustworthy and well-known retailers. Also, buy as much as you can and don’t stock too much because the sweets usually lose their freshness in 24 hours. Don’t buy them from random stores because it could harm your family.

Ensure that you and your children wash their hands before eating meals. Evite to eat street food and keep the food covered.

Food safety
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6. First Aid Kit

Take all care to prevent an unexpected circumstance. Have a first aid kit ready as you enjoy lighting up crackers with your family and children. In the event of minor injuries, the first aid kit should be treated directly at home.

You should keep a bucket of water, a bag of sand, antiseptic creams to treat burns, bandages, and ice ready in case any mishap occurs. Immediately add ice to the injured region, and hurry to the hospital at the earliest if the injury is serious.

First Aid Kit
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7. Do not burst crackers at a crowded place

Not only does this bring inconvenience to persons who are not involved in crackers, with no fault of theirs, it also induces them harm. Tell your kids to burst crackers at a spot that doesn’t obstruct people’s way. Places such as a building’s entry, a busy road, or stairs can specifically be avoided.

So, these are 7 essential Diwali safety tips for your kids.

Diwali is a festival of lights, and everybody in the house, including youngsters, should be a source of joy and happiness. These fundamental yet substantial tips will guarantee that your enjoyment is only applied to this festival of lights and does not bring darkness into your lives.

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