Simplifying Isn’t Sacrifice: How to Enrich Your Life

Simplifying Is Not Sacrifice
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Simplifying Isn’t Sacrifice: How to Enrich Your Life

Our modern society is becoming more and more complex. The rapid development of technology, fast-moving living, an overload of information, hyper-capitalism and endless choices penetrate every area of our lives. Even simple acts like watching a film, browsing the supermarket aisles or ordering food for the takeoff can now offer an overflow of options.

We find ourselves in a culture of “more-is-more,” full of sensory stimulation, excess, and boundless choice. Living a simple life can be seen as a near-blasphemy — and resisting perpetual FOMO; a step backward. However, voluntary simplicity is a powerful change in lifestyle.

In order to simplify, you do not have to imitate the extremes of great spiritual sages who have renounced all their worldly possessions. When done with the intention of voluntarily simplifying as a catalyst for spiritual growth, simplicity can be a blessing, not a sacrifice.

Simplify Your Inner Life To Remove The Distraction:

I believe that the unbroken nature of the mind drives our creation of complex lifestyles. The busier we are, the less time we face our thoughts on racing or disturbing emotions. We have a myriad of ways to distract ourselves, whether it’s harnessing a busy social life, stimulating the brain with entertainment, or never switching off social media.

Voluntary simplicity, however, covers more than material possessions. We can also use it by slowing down and giving us room to breathe and recover. This emotional simplicity needs to be grossly discerned. This emotional simplicity requires ruthless discernment; a way of drowning out the noise of insignificance, stopping the hustle and bustle of “shoulds and thoughts,” providing quietness to appreciate what is valuable.

The design principle of KISS (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) states that systems do best when they are simple and not complex. As architects of our lives, by applying this principle to all areas of life–including our schedules, relations and also our objectives and wants-we have the opportunity of avoiding an unnecessary distraction.

Gratitude And Fulfillment:

Voluntary simplification will not work if we do not know what is meaningful to us. That is why it is necessary to make clear our values. The first step is to reduce distraction and start the quest to reveal the desire of our heart. These values provide the basis for easy prosperity when we have that insight.

Gratitude and fulfillment is a beautiful byproduct of cutting through the superficial elements of life and aligning with our values. It is an entrance to appreciate what we already have; food in the fridge, our health, people we love you and those who love you. As this habit of simplification and gratitude increases, the desire for complexity is naturally reduced.

My desires have changed dramatically as my practice has grown and I have invited more gratitude and simplicity into my life. My values have become clearer and clearer over time, as I have built conviction about their meaning, a direct result of the benefits they bring to my well-being.

This also simplifies the process of decision-making: I say not much more than I used to do. I don’t want alcohol or drugs or partying or sex to escape.

Simple Outwardly, Rich Inwardly:

Step-by-step in your voluntary simplicity to create a lasting habit. Start by adding one day of the week to detox social media and spend time in nature. Or try eating dinner with a loved one without mobile or TV or music distractions. Spend time exploring consciously what you find most meaningful. And try to make this the primary focus of your time for larger chunks.

There will be challenges as volunteer simplicity becomes part of your life. Moments of resistance and FOMO will take place. There will be anxieties and lapses that need self-compassion, patience, and understanding. There will be times when everything seems futile. And you are strongly appealed to by the life of complexity.

Simplification, however, provides an opportunity to appreciate the miracle of each moment with dedication and patience. The discreet beauty of existence becomes more and more lucid over time.

A walk in nature, a warm meal, and a loved one’s embrace all contribute to complete life. A life that is outwardly simplified but enriched.

Enrich your life means that your life is as fulfilling, meaningful and joyful as possible. One can live without ever exploring the world, raising difficult questions or taking risks-but is that really living?


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