Eight ways to keep yourself safe while travelling local or afar.


You are a woman.  Be your own hero


I am moving towards my class in the college when I notice a boy following me. I see him but I ignore and keep walking. It’s a long way to my class and he keeps following me until I reach there. He acts like he is searching some place around. When he still didn’t stop until I almost reached near my class, unable to control my anger I turned and stared back at him. He walked afar and stood there. I kept staring as my friends pulled me inside. I sat for the lecture but nothing went inside my mind because all I could think was – “this is by far the safest place I could be at and yet I felt unsafe”.

This can happen anywhere and could be way worse. You always need to be prepared when you travel alone on a road or a journey. Some things to keep in hand and mind could be:

  • Pepper spray

It will help you to weaken the attacker and you will get sufficient time to run away. You can carry it in your bag and always make sure you have it when you leave from home alone or at night. It is very commonly brought and sold. You can also buy it from –  https://www.amazon.in/IMPOWER-Defence-Pepper-Spray-safety/dp/B075KK63FC .

  • Something sharp

You must have a sharp object in your bag in case you need to defend yourself. It doesn’t have to be a fully sharped knife but anything from nail filer to a key would do the work. You can keep the key in between your fingers and use it while defending yourself. We often forget everything in a horrific moment like this but you need to act really quickly.

  • Self defense

It was a gone age where only boys used to go for classes like kick-boxing. But it’s a known fact today that fitness and defense training is not limited to a gender. There are a number of kick-boxing and self-defense classes held especially for girls and women. You can find one nearby by searching online

If you don’t have the time to go to any classes, you can always search for “self defense for women” on YouTube and practice it religiously at home. It will not only protect you in the time of danger but also build your fitness.

  • Emergency contacts

After many such horrible encounters, I have prepared myself for such situations. I have made my first three emergency contacts to remember a code for danger so that I don’t have to explain the situation to them and they can reach to me as soon as possible. Make a list of three people whom you trust will be there to help you any moment, be it your family member or friends and make them aware that you have kept them on your emergency list of contacts. Tell them how they can decode your situation in case you call them while in danger.

  • Reach the nearest public spot

In case you find yourself in danger while you are in a place where you don’t see anyone who can help you, run towards the nearest spot where public could be found. It can be a grocery store or a restaurant or any shop and ask for help.

  • Safety in cabs

As a working woman or as student you might take cabs frequently. It is an easier way to travel but you always need to be alert. Right after you sit in a cab, make it your habit to forward the tracking link to someone who can follow it and make sure you reach safely. No matter how tiered you are, DO NOT SLEEP IN A CAB. Keep checking the route on your maps if you are new to that way.

  • Safety in hotels

It is absolutely needful to be travelling for work today. You will probably stay in a hotel and if so, you need to be cautious of your new surroundings. You cannot trust the housekeeper in the hotel. Make sure there are not more than one person entering your room for the work. Try to keep the door open and stand outside until it is done. Have the contact of the nearby police station for any emergency.

  • Be alert

No matter what the poets say, the world can be a cruel place. It is not a fact that at least a girl can forget. You need to remember that no stranger is to be completely trusted. While travelling in the local area or afar, make sure you send a text while leaving and reaching to at least one person who can be alert in case you missed the time.

It is not an easy world if you are a free woman. You can be as open minded and as wild as you want but the world will always remind you to keep yourself safe. You cannot always find an immediate helper. There is no Bollywood or Hollywood hero waiting on the street. You are a woman and a hero both yourself. It is time you make sure of your safety.  While you enjoy the world, make sure the world doesn’t harm you. Make sure you can kick and fight back.