Eight MUST-HAVES of maternity clothing

Maternity clothing
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You must have thought about all kinds of cute body-con dresses and heels and every other outfit to embrace your bump but the reality is different. You come across the changes your body goes through. Your belly grows to a size that you cannot predict. You have swollen feet. Therefore, your already existing closet fails to meet your expectations.

Maternity fashion is a laborious task but if you take it with all the enthusiasm, it is indeed a pleasurable challenge.

Let’s have a look at the must have maternity pieces for your closet to solve the major part of your problem.




  • Casual dress
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You can style the dress with heels or with casual shoes. The cloth material should be comfortable for your skin and according to the weather you will be wearing it in. A dress never goes out of style. Your investment in a dress which you can rock even after pregnancy is the best idea. You can invest in best two casual dress if you need to but you must remember to avoid buying a lot of body-con dresses at once as the size of your belly will keep changing and you don’t want to go broke.


  • Casual shirt/Denim shirt
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A shirt is worth every penny spent. You never have to worry how to use it. It can be styled with almost everything. A good flowy shirt can be styled with skirts, shorts, jeans etc. It can also be used as a layer that you can add over a casual tee or even a top.

The best part about shirts is that the bigger it is, the better it looks. The over-sized shirts never go out of style and they can be used even after pregnancy.


  • Maxi dress
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Long length flowy dresses are the second name for comfort during this time. The breezy length will only add more style and is fit for any occasion. You can style it casually while you roam around the city or when you are on a holiday. You can layer the maxi dress with a denim shirt and make it chicer.  If you are wondering for a goddess like pregnancy photo-shoot, what better than a long dress.



  • Leggings
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Leggings is what a woman can spend their entire lives in. If you do not want to be trapped under jeans, leggings are god-sent. You must invest in a good pair of leggings as they work well with almost everything and gives you enough space to be comfortable. You cannot complete a maternity closet without leggings.


  • Lingerie
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Your body is continuously changing and with time you will need to change from your regular bra to your Nursing bra. There are a number of brands that provide variety of nursing bras and every other intimates that you want to own during this time. It is a necessary investment for a comfortable and hygienic pregnancy. You don’t have to compromise on your health now, do you?


  • Jeans/ shorts
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If you don’t know already, let me tell you about the amazing maternity jeans and shorts that are designed specially to cover up your belly with the stretchable strap attached to the jeans or shorts. This helps to hold the jeans or shorts in place and make it feel absolutely comfortable. You would need a pair of each for a casual outing or for your babymoon.


  • Comfortable shoes
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Your body weight changes with time and you will need a good support and comfort while you have to take long walks or even for casual outing. You cannot ignore the swollen feet and how painful it would be to put on strappy sandals every time. Therefore, going for a good pair of white shoes that goes with everything will be a smart idea for investing in the closet. (or you can choose your own color).


  • Heels
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Yes, I am talking about comfort all this while. Don’t get me wrong but some women cannot abandon their love for heels even during the pregnancy period. The comfort of the clicking of heels is a pleasure on its own. If you are one of those women who need a pair of good heels or even wedges that will go with your dresses or even jeans for any occasion then you must own a pair. Your shoe size may vary and so you must be very careful with the size of heels you buy. Make sure it is very comfortable and secure to avoid any risk.



Comfort, comfort and comfort! This is all you need during this precious period. If you feel like being extra, you can go all the way there. There is no limitation in fashion for pregnant women. You can use layers over your dresses or even shirts if you are trying to hide the bump in your office place or if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to reveal too soon.

Make sure you invest in the right place. You don’t want to go broke and you certainly don’t want to keep investing for these nine months and be left with clothes you will never use. Some essentials are obviously unavoidable but making right choices will help you cover everything.


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