Effects of Working Parents on Child Development

Effects of Working Parents on Child Development
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Parents are the first mentors to play a crucial role in defining their adult lives. The parent-child bond has a positive and negative impact on the introduction of the family-style where both parents are at work. The parents have a higher discretionary income for their family, but less time for their children to interact effectively. Continue reading to know the effects of working parents on child development.

Positive And Negative Effects Of working Parents On Child Development

Earlier, it had been impossible to raise a child with the joint family structure, as a child except the mother had several caregivers. Aunts, uncles, grandparents-all helped in the family’s upbringing of children. However, nuclear families have mushroomed and increased throughout the world, leaving working parents with virtually no family members to leave their child with. This parenting style also came with its own positive aspects and a few downfalls. It contributes to higher levels of maturity and experience that parents can share with their children, thus minimizing the significant amount of time they may have spent with them.

The following points allow you to gain a thorough insight into the positive effects and problems of working parental children:

1. Positive Impacts

Let’s concentrate on the many positive things parent children (both working) experience.

1. Time Value

Since both parents have to go to work, they generally spend a few hours with their children at home. The children are taught that time is important and does not return after slipping away. You appreciate the importance of time more quickly as you take advantage of it.

2. Deal With The Stress

Kids learn from their environment. It makes them respectful of others and helps them to deal with tension in the future as they see how their parents handle their jobs and their home life.

3. Make Kids Independent

Working parent kids get independent from a very early age. Since they know their parents are at work, they learn to make their own choices, making them strong and competent decision-makers.

4. Quality Lifestyle

For most families, a high-quality lifestyle is more affordable with both parents working. Parents may spend money on their kids for their academic or extra-curricular needs.

Negative Impact

While both working parents have a major positive outcome in their children’s lives, they do come with a lot of negatives. Let’s focus on the adverse effects a working couple has on the development of the child:

1. Mood Swings And Change In Behavior

When the children are left with the nannies or at daycare, they continue to suffer from restlessness and control their mood swings with difficulty. Since parents can not spend more time with their kids, it makes them more aggressive and violent.

2. Bond With The Parents

Often the relationship that the children have with their parents is suffering as both parents are busy at their job and have very little time to spend with their children at home. This gap could be widening as the children grow up.

3. Psychological Impact

Couples have to travel out into the cities for their work in the nuclear family style. Their parents are unwilling to settle down in their hometowns and babysit the kids in the city. This leaves the parents who form their own families with very little support. As a result, nannies have to be employed or their children admitted into daycare facilities. With outside support, the level of care to the child is likely to decrease.

These are the positive and negative effects of working parents on child development.

Tips For Working Parents On Raising Children

Just like each child is special, so each family and the way they parent their child are special. Since the scenario of parents working to raise a child is now quite a popular trend, we give some tips for maintaining a positive relationship with your children.

1. Keep The Kids Busy With Hobbies

To introduce children to a wide variety of activities will be a very good idea. They can be a blend of physical and artistic work. It will enable them to correctly channel their energy and also to establish a crunch. Later in their lives, they can do some of the things as a hobby.

2. Invest In Children’s Quality Time

Time is precious and irreplaceable. Working parents and child neglect are really important for spending quality time with your child every day as they face the most difficult challenges in many families. Turn your mind off all other feelings, and concentrate instead on your child’s time. This has an immense effect on your life and can help you find a balance so that your child can be raised successfully.

3. Adjust Job Timings and Working Life

It is very well accepted that parents generally come tired home and spend time with their children at home with very little excitement and energy. It is very important to spend more time with children in parents who are going to work to raise family revenues. Check your workplace policy on working parents’ rights if the child is sick and use it to be with your child if it doesn’t feel well.

4. Having Grandparents At Home For The Kid

For the way our parents brought us up we have been better human beings. So, if grandparents are willing to volunteer to provide babysitting for your child, you’ve got the least worry. This arrangement enables the children to develop a bond with their grandparents and gives them a breather when you are both busy at work. From a financial point of view, this plan is the lowest cost and lowest risk for your kids.

5. Hire Babysitter

A babysitter is one of the choices you can consider if you’re both going to work and have to leave your baby home. When you’re at work they will have all-around support and your child can get undivided attention.

Each parent wants to educate a child who can make a positive contribution to society whether he is working or not. Parents play a critical role in defining their children’s lives. Even if both parents work in a nuclear family, make sure there’s plenty of time spent every day with the children.

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