Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels

Side effects of wearing high heels
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Love to wear high heels? Do you find that without your favorite stilettos, your party outfit is incomplete? A pair of high heels is a must-have fashion accessory for women all over the world. But, are you conscious that wearing these killer heels is a danger to your health? Scroll down to know the side effects of high heels and why these pencil heels should be dismissed.

Side Effects Of Wearing High Heels

1. Sore Calves

The side effect of these pointed heels is sore calf muscles. It can also lead to protruding veins, which not only appear disgusting but are also extremely painful. If you want your toned legs to stay clear of high heels.

2. Foot Pain

High heels or stilettos have a certain trendy look and style. After a long day in that uncomfortable footwear on your feet, you’re most likely suffering from a foot ache. You can suffer severe pain in your toes, heels, arch or sole.

3. Ankle Sprains

A pair of designer heels will add glamor and ointment to your wardrobe. You can only wear high heels if you walk on even surfaces. Potholes, bumps, and cobblestones can be potential party-poopers waiting to slip the ankle and sprain it. A fall like this can lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows, and knees, as well as the ankle sprain. You might even sustain a concussion if you land unexpectedly. Refrain from making frequent use of your stilettos. If you have to give a fetish for your shoes, do so only on special occasions.

4. Lower Back Pain

High heels are the ultimate fashion statement for women. They are usually chic and sexy and can up your style quotient. But comfort and stilettos do not go well together. The high heels do not give complete support to your feet. It causes an unequal distribution of weight that may trigger soreness, inflammation, and pain in the lower back.

5. Hyperextension In Toes

The adverse effect of wearing heels all the time is that in chronic hyperextension it damages the toe.

6. Weakens Ligaments

High heels debilitate the ligaments. To secure your feet from injuries, you should avoid the glamorous footwear.

7. Crooked Feet

Hammer toe is one of the high heels ‘ most dangerous side-effects on the feet. The abnormal position of the foot, the pressure on the feet, the blood vessels and the back result in the foot being deformed.

8. Constricts Blood Vessels

Usually, high heel shoes make the feet appear longer and thinner. The shape of the shoe squeezes the foot into a position that is definitely not natural and is anything but comfortable. The stress on your foot can lead to a blood flow which is restricted. That can cause the blood vessels to break in extreme cases.

9. Knee Pain

The uncomfortable curvature of the leg while wearing high heels puts excessive pressure on the knee joint.

10. Awkward Spinal Curve

Many fashionistas wear stilettos to show off their hourglass figure. The lower back arches out more than normal with high heels. The heel height is actually directly proportional to the degree of arch in your back. The uncomfortable arch can cause nasty pain in the upper and lower back regions.

11. Callouses

You create pressure on the sides of your feet and toes by pressing your feet into too-tight shoes or shoes that force your feet into awkward shapes (such as pointy-toe shoes). Over time, rubbing and pushing from your favorite heels can cause the skin to harden. It may not be a big deal in the winter, but when your feet are covered with callous you may be too embarrassed to don your strappy sandals.

12. Falling and Sprained Ankles

While wearing flats, the weight varies equally between the ball of your foot and the heel, with little pressure on your ankle. Sadly, heels create such an imbalance between the heel and the ball that the ankle has to become the anchor for your whole body. And, because ankles aren’t made to withstand that kind of pressure, dropping and strained or sprained ankles can be quite common. It’s almost impossible to balance perfectly, particularly in very high heels, so when you try to scale it in your favorite shoes, every bump in the pavement can feel like a 10-foot wall…

So these are some of the side effects of wearing high heels.

Now you know how an elegant accessory can impose a toll on your health. We hope reading about those side effects of wearing high heels will make you think twice before every other day slipping into them.

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