Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Easy Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home
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It’s as important to clean your house as to decorate. Indeed, even before you begin to decorate your home with your Diwali-inspired decorations, it is important that you have absolutely cleaned your home. Get your broom and start sweeping and get your home up to the bottom. Out with the tired, dusty curtains, coverings, and pillowcases, and in with the clean, fresh ones. The extremes of getting their homes restored and renovated are also influenced by many families. The home furnishing is being relocated in order to give a route to the Diwali decoration ideas and to make them appear. It is also wise to give the walls a crisp new coat of paint.

Creative Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

With no other chance, the festive sensation of Diwali is incomparable. Every Indian mom vigorously cleans the House and then decorates it in the beauty of its flowers, beads, and rangoli colors, whenever the Diwali festival is around it?

Whenever we intend to decorate Diwali’s house, we always have a limited choice. This Diwali, however, you may ready yourself for your home with creative and aesthetic ideas in advance.

Here is a list of easy but attractive Diwali decoration ideas you can get at this Diwali festival.

1. Rangoli

You must accept that without Rangoli, no Diwali celebration is complete. The Diwali decoration concept makes Rangoli the best of your home with bright Rangoli color and flowers and its petals. You can decorate your home with amazing Rangoli designs along with the use of flowers, diyas, and earthen pots to make it look attractive and beautiful at this Diwali festival.

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2. Lampshades

The markets are packed with various types of lampshades every year during the Diwali season, which you can use to decorate your home. With some sterling Diwali decoration design on it, you can easily make your own lampshades, though. You only need a few set things and can build your own lampshade to decorate your own home within ten to 20 minutes.

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3. Touch of Floral Decoration

Fill your home with a magical cover of the fragrance of the fresh flowers. Choose an elegant vase to render the centerpiece of a flower and place it on the coffee table.

Try to paint flowers with coil colors or other theme add-ons, such as lamps or lanterns on side tables. Arrange the flower exquisitely!

Touch of Floral Decoration
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4. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are pretty inexpensive, but their variety of colors makes them a multifaceted piece of decoration. A couple of strings would look well-decorated in various rooms on the porch of your home! You may use them for other decorative purposes, in addition to simply hanging them on the wall. Stuff like pinning pictures on strings to show off your favorite memories or jazzing an old mirror can be done for Diwali, but these decorations can also be continued for a long time. Try to locate the battery-operated lights so that you don’t look for sockets at the last minute.

Fairy Lights
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5. Toran

Are you tired of Diwali using the plastic torans? This time then you can make your own torans with beads, papers, cardboards or ancient gems, not from the fresh flowers and plastic ones. Only add some sparkling and glittering to the whole toran and hang it on walls to make the idea of the wall Diwali decoration look beautiful.

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7. Diyas and Candles

Using diyas and candles in various colors and shimmers to enhance your house. The fragrant candles and diyas can also be used that spread the fragrance along with radiance. Alternatively, why not simply make your own diyas from meal or seashells to save a few bucks? This is certainly a time-saving way to decorate your festival at Diwali. Even the fragrant candles will produce a sweet fragrance in your home that spreads happiness and optimism.

Diyas and Candles
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8. Wall Hangings

You may opt to do the craft alone rather than by the old and dull Wall types hanging from the market. It doesn’t take much time and stuff to make wall hangings. You can decorate it with cardboard, old papers, colorful papers/papers, and light lights. You can easily create your own wall hangings with this material and DIY strategy in order to decorate these individually.

Wall Hangings
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9. Candle inside the Jar

Here’s another wonderful idea for decoration – a candle inside the jar. Yeah, take your kitchen out of those old and unused jars and decorate it with laces and ribbons, and then put a scented candle in it. On the Diwali festival, it’s easy to decorate your house. And the acrylic paints on the glass surface can be used to make the exterior look elegant and beautiful.

Candle inside the Jar
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10. Hand painted diyas

Diwali is incomplete without diyas or candles. Now, with some creative and aesthetic designs at this Diwali festival, you can paint the diyas on your own. Only buy the simple diyas from the market and then use the sequins, crystals, mirrors, and other ornamentation to decorate it with acrylic paint. Plan to make everyone mad about the concept and decorate your diyas.

Hand painted diyas
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11. Glass Bottle Lights

These days, glass bottle lights are fairly trendy. It looks beautiful, the empty glass bottles with beautiful fairy or light strings. Only find the empty glass bottles unused or even used, decorate them with the glitters, and fill them with the lights to illuminate your home and rooms.

Glass Bottle Lights
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12. Plastic Bottle and Glitters

You remember the marvels will come with plastic bottles, glitters, colors, and floras? If not, remove an uncompleted plastic bottle and decorate it to be an imaginative piece of furniture with glittering, flowers, and colors. To enhance its elegance, you can also place your candles.

Plastic Bottle and Glitters
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13. Floating Candles

Now even at this Diwali festival, you can decorate your home with floating candles. Yeah, in a glass filled with water, flowers, tits, beads, and glitters, the various patterns and designs in floating candles are sure to bring old world charm back to life. Are you ready on this Diwali occasion to buy some incredible floating candles for your home?

Floating Candles
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So, these are easy but attractive Diwali decoration ideas you can get at this Diwali festival.

How simple are these homemade Diwali decoration tips? This keeps you busy and brings out your inner artist while your kids are also involved in the fun-a a perfect way to celebrate Diwali!

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