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dry fruits for babies
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We all want to serve our babies the best possible & nutritive meals. When we start with solids after 6 months, we are quite confused about what to give and what not to give.

Today let us discuss about fruits and dry fruits. Later in next one we shall discuss about the complete diet chart for babies and even for lactating moms.

Now, let’s talk about the various fruits first:

  1. The way you start with meals like a single cereal at a time, the same way should fruits also be introduced, but as mid-meals (viz. single fruit at a time for 2 days, to check if the same is suitable for your baby).
  2. You should never start with too sweet or too citrus fruits, as any sudden hyper taste may irritate your baby and he may lose his interest in it or he can also go on rejection of meals.
  3. You can start with dwarf golden (elaichi) banana, which can be pureed well and given through a spoon.
  4. Consider his likes and dislikes. And change the food for a few days if he rejects it too frequently.
  5. Along with bananas, we can also introduce chikoo, apples, carrots, or papayas. All should be introduced in puree form (to avoid choking hazards).
  6. Different type of fruit feeders are also available online, checking on quality we can give fruits in them too. Net feeder is recommended as it has lesser plastic exposure and no seeds or big bites enter in the baby’s mouth. (Comment below if you want an online link to buy the same)
  7. Slowly, after the 7th month we can mix cereals with fruits. Like Dalia/rawa with pear/apple, rice apple, Mango with rice mash, etc.
  8. All seasonal fruits can be given after 7 months.
  9. Be very sure about washing, peeling and boiling. Double peel the fruits to minimize the pesticide exposure.
  10. Always cut fresh, when you wish to feed.
  11. Avoid giving sour or refrigerated fruits after 6pm.

In case of dry fruits;

As per my own experience, they are hard to digest as such, so how should we make them feed in such a way that maximum of the nutrients in it get absorbed by the baby’s tiny stomach.

  1. The years old tradition of giving Ghuti is a best way to introduce dry fruits such as Almonds, Walnut, dry dates, pistachio, etc. These can be started as early as 3 months to the babies along with other Jadibootis; Turmeric (haldi), and Nutmeg (Jayphal) etc. Quantities should be gradually increased week by week.

(If you want to have a separate article on preparation of Ghuti, then comment the request below)

  1. After 7 months, when the baby is quite familiar with food, we can start with boiled Apricot and dates. This can be mashed in food processor along with boiled water to make a smooth paste. This way it won’t be harsh on their digestive system.
  2. A paste of soaked Almonds, Raisins or pistachios can be added in Ragi Halwa. (Note: Make sure it is soaked well, so that it would be easier to digest)
  3. Two types of dry fruit in a day is a maximum that you should give.

As far as I have observed, roasted and crushed dry fruits are a little difficult to digest as compared to boiled and soaked ones. Therefore, it is better to opt for the latter way.

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