Dry Eyes during Pregnancy: Cause, Symptoms

Dry eyes during pregnancy
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            Excessive tearing of burning, scratchy eyes is a telltale sign of dry eyes or dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes during pregnancy or breastfeeding is a disorder triggered by the absence of eye moisture and often occurs when hormonal changes occur. Dry eye syndrome associated with pregnancy generally worsens owing to huge hormonal changes at the end of the first trimester. Dryness may seem to come and go throughout the day and maybe continuous for some females.

Causes of Dry Eyes During Pregnancy:

1. Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal modifications are one of the main factors for dry eyes, particularly male androgen hormone decline. These hormonal concentrations stay continuous during delivery and nursing, but some females may continue to experience symptoms of dry eyes during nursing.

2.Oil Gland Production:

The oil glands behave differently during pregnancy than they usually do. Sometimes these oil changes block the development of lipids and oils to lubricate the eye. Due to this decrease in lipids and oils, the consistency of tears is altered. As a consequence, when blinking, a dry eye is triggered because there is nothing to stop the eyelids from rubbing against the eye. Hot compressions may be applied to the region of the eye to momentarily open blocked oil glands.

3. Reduced Production Of Tears:

Hormonal modifications generally trigger a decrease in tear manufacturing during pregnancy. Dry eyes will surely happen when tears in a smaller quantity are produced.

4. Increased Tears:

Some females experience a rise in manufacturing of tears that is exactly the reverse of what most women experience, reduced output of tears. When the eye surface is irritated, tears of poor quality are reflectively produced to remove the irritant and lubricate the eye.

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes During Pregnancy

Although usually harmless, it may be very awkward and irritating to have dry eyes during pregnancy. Some of the symptoms are

  • Sticky eyelids, generally in the morning when you wake
  • Red or sore eyes
  • Moments of blurred vision that generally occurs when you blink
  • A gritty sensation in your eyes that tends to get worse as the day continues

Comfort For Dry Eyes During Pregnancy

You may want to plan a visit with your eye doctor if you are pregnant and experience the impacts of dry eye syndrome. Your eye doctor will be able to inform you of the many methods that dry eye during pregnancy can be treated and which ones are most safe during pregnancy.

1. Artificial tears:

Artificial tears can be used to reduce the pain caused by dry eyes and can be used safely during pregnancy or nursing. There are many distinct kinds of artificial tears. One more useful sort is one that replaces a portion of the tears ‘ lipid layer. If you are wearing contact lenses, make sure that you select suitable contact lenses rewetting eye drop.

2. Warm compresses:

The meibomian glands can open up and induce warm compresses on the eyes. This carries blood flow to the region and normalizes the glands.

3. Punctal occlusion:

If you visit your eye doctor with dry eye complaints, you will probably be advised about “plugging your tear ducts.” Punctal occlusion is a painless operation that blocks the puncta (tiny openings in the eye corners through which tears flow). Blocking the puncta raises the amount of tears accessible by reducing the amount of tears that flow away from the eye to bathe the front portion of the eye. The punctal occlusion plugs the tear drainage pipe instead of plugging the gland that generates tears. (Think of plugging the drain in the sink— the faucet is still running.) This method is secure for pregnant patients.

When to Consult a Doctor?

Check with a doctor if your symptoms worsen. You may have an infection with bacteria and require drops of antibiotics. If you see flashes or flickering, visit a gynecologist because these symptoms could be a pre-eclampsia early sign. This is a high blood pressure implication. Retina impairment may also be indicated by flashes and flickering. Consult an eye physician in such instances.

Dry eyes during pregnancy are a prevalent pregnancy symptom. It’s important, though, that you don’t medicate yourself. Consult a doctor during pregnancy to suggest secure remedies to your dry eyes.


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