Do’s And Dont’s Of Cocktail Attire For Women

Do's And Dont's of Cocktail Attire
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It can be difficult to know what to wear with a lot of different dress codes out there. Even if the type of dress requested is specified on the invite, and one such dress code that is not spoken enough is the-Cocktail attire. If you’re the one who starts to panic when you get a party or a wedding invitation that mentions the dress code as cocktail attire, we’re here to instruct you on what to wear and what not to wear. You may want to break the rules or even try something new to change it, but trust me, cocktail attire isn’t a good dress code to play with. The rules and regulations may have been violated, but now everything is about to change. If you’re a confused mess about what to wear for your cocktail party, then you’re at the right place. We’ve sorted the Do’s And Dont’s of Cocktail Attire thoroughly.

What Is A Cocktail Attire?

Cocktail attire is nothing more than formal clothes, but much more celebratory. It’s casual than your office wear and a little bit formal than your regular casual outfit. More often than not, the invite will ask you if you are expected to appear in cocktail attire. If not, then you have to realize that events such as anniversaries, parties, engagements, weddings, etc, are all the usual cocktail attire occasions.

What Is A Cocktail Attire For Women

For a cocktail dress, a general thumb rule is that it can not be skimpy, transparent too short, or too long. Generally, things that fall between the formal and the casual spectrum Everything from the traditional little black dress (LBD) to the A-line, strapless, embellished, lace and long sleeves midi dresses are your safe bets.

Do’s and Dont’s of Cocktail Attire For Women

1. Don’t Wear Huge Gown / Do Midi Sized Dresses

Save the ball gowns for your’ Cinderella’ moment. The style gurus usually suggest that you stay away from wearing dresses that lead out and about. We should just stick to it because they are the experts.
If you’re not happy with shorter ones, midi length dresses are great cocktail dresses. Your options are unlimited, so, unfortunately, we don’t have any excuses here either.

2. Don’t Wear Jeans/ Wear Trousers

Jeans may be your ultimate dressing convenience, and there are no doubts, but you still don’t have the flexibility for a cocktail party to wear. Because they are not in the class of formal clothing, they don’t even have it as a choice.

Instead, with a chic silk or chiffon blouse, consider pantsuits or casual-looking shorts. Pair the dress with a necklace of pearl, pumps and just enough makeup. After all, it’s not all that tough. Is it?

3. Don’t Wear Skimpy Dresses/ Do Watch Your Hemline

Never mix the cocktail party up with your friends for a night, because it doesn’t happen. Don’t wear anything that’s transparent, sleazy, or unnecessary attention Ask yourself, would you like someone in your party to wear the same dress? There, you’ve got the’ your’ answer. Mind your neckline and don’t get into oblivion.

A-line dresses, princess cut or anything with a flowing hemline that’s underneath the stretch of your arm. ‘ The Little Black Dress ‘ is an evergreen choice that’s never going to be out of style. Strapless dress to cute necklines, spaghetti straps to long sleeves, there’s so much you can do.

4. Don’t Carry Huge Bags/ Carry A Clutch

As a girl, I understand the need for all the’ just-in-case’ situations to bring a mini-convenience store and therefore the need for an oversized bag. Yet, by all means, stop it, and it doesn’t go with the idea of a cocktail party.

The clutch is your best bet or a small but stylish body bag. Leave the big bag in your car and carry the absolute essentials in a clutch if you feel the need for things that go in your handbag. It makes a statement on its own.

5. Don’t Do Flip-Flops/ Do Heels Or Platforms

Almost all of us live in flip-flops, and the comfort of these flip-flops is unquestionable. Not only flip flops but shoes, gladiators, flat sandals, etc. are not considered as cocktail outfits unless it is an exception, of course.

Platform heels, wedges, or pumps are great shoes, and they improve your silhouette.

6. Don’t Overdo Accessories/ Do One Statement Piece

Accessories go a long way to elevating your ensemble, and only one piece of the neck is enough to improve the elegance of a simple dress. Think of that one piece in your accessory package that not only stands out but also complements your clothes.

One statement piece and only one can stand out, all too many things at once can look messy and unattractive, and ruin the whole ensemble. You may be able to add fine jewelry such as a necklace, finger rings, etc, but hold them to a minimal.

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These are some of the Do’s And Dont’s of Cocktail Attire which you can try for your next party.

If it’s uncommon for your lifestyle to get cocktail invites, you don’t have to take the chance to wear a cocktail outfit. As I said, there are many other ways you may wear them.


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