Does your Loved One Suffering From Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder
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Girls,  do you have a sudden change in your mood? Or you have a stronger feeling of Anxiety, Anger, Mood Swings than it may be a Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness usually begin in your early 20s. It’s a combination of how your brain is built and from the life experiences.

It’s difficult to control your emotions when you have BPD.  Symptoms of BPD vary from person to person. This disorder more likely to have in female than male. Common symptoms of BPD are:

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  • Having a dysfunctional self- image
  • Feeling of emptiness
  • Difficulty in maintaining stable relationship
  • Fear of rejection. 
  • Highly change in mood that can be for  few hours or for several days.
  • Feeling of anxiety, anger or depression.
  • Impulsive & risky behavior.
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Many of you experience 1-2 symptoms of BPD regularly. But the person suffering from BPD have almost all the symptoms listed above.

80% of people suffering from this disorder shows their suicidal behavior like cutting themselves, burning themselves, etc. It is observed that 4-9% of people with this disorder die by suicide.

Cause Of BPD:

The person suffering from BPD may have some negative experience in their childhood like childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, etc. It’s not necessary that the person with BPD have this childhood experience.   

If a parent or sibling is suffering from BPD, then you may be at higher risk to diagnose with this disorder.

BPD in adults is also most likely to be a victim of any bad experience they face like rape or other crime. This results in victim’s  impulsive behavior and poor judgement in choosing the lifestyle.

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Treatment Of BPD: 

The main action plan to treat the person with BPD are:

  • Finding the purpose of life
  • Controlling the emotions
  • Building the relationship
  • Understanding the life and to love yourself
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Early treatment of BPD is best for the person. Consulting the medical professional who have experience in handling BPD patient is important. Effective right treatment is very important for BPD.

Talking Therapy: Talking therapy is standard treatment of this disorder.  To target BPD  effectively , dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) include in the treatment to get fruitful result.

Medication: Medical professional also recommend medication  for symptoms likes depression, mood swings.

Treatment in Hospital: Treatment in hospital is not a standard treatment for this disorder. It’s a short term care, when dealing with serious crisis.

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“Borderline Personality Disorder  affects many areas like work, school, life, relationship, health. The treatment of BPD is critical. If you stick to your treatment plan, then it’s easy to lead a normal life with BPD. ”