Does Age Gap In Relationships Really Matter?

Age Gap in relationship
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Age Is Just A Number


Age is simply a number however love is eternal. irrespective of the distinction in color, language, region or faith, 2 individuals will live together as long as they have a selfless love for each other. however what if the distinction is in their age?

Can two people ever live together with a significant age gap? Will your relationship be time – tested?

It doesn’t usually. A relationship depends on two individuals ‘ understanding and connection, regardless of age. As long as they love, respect and care for each other, a couple can have a strong relationship. It is considered normal to have a partner, who is a few years older than you, but when the gap in age is too wide it may look unconventional.


What is the gap of the ideal age between a couple?


Most couples prefer a 3 to5-year age gap, and the male partner is older. However, there are also cases in which the difference in age is more than 15 to 20 years or in which the women are older than the men. 

A study has shown that both men and women prefer a gap of about three years when the man is older than the woman. It states that older men are prepared to take a much younger relationship with women into consideration while the maximum acceptable age differential for women is ten years older.

Again, another study shows that the age gap is not the only determinant of a relationship’s success or failure. Most people prefer to be a few years older or younger than their partners. Men prefer to date and marry younger women, while their approach is more open for women. It is likely that they will accept younger or older men. 


Factors That Affect The Age Gap


Some factors affect individuals consciously or subconsciously when choosing a partner:

1. Cultural aspects:

The practices that have been followed in the region or culture could affect individuals. An older male partner is preferred in European and Asian countries, and an age gap is usually about two to three years. Also acceptable in some cultures are wider age gaps of up to 15 years.

2.Family background:

If a person belongs to a family where there is a huge gap in the relationship between their parents or close relatives, or the woman is older than the man, they may be more willing to explore such relationships than a conservative family person. But in all cases, this doesn’t have to be true. 

3. Family planning: 

If an individual needs to delay having kids after the wedding and begin the family solely after some years, in such case, they could wish the girl to be much younger than the person.

An age gap within the relationship has both some advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of having an age gap in relation


Some of the advantages of a relationship have been found.


Emotionally and financially, the older in the relationship can help to take mature decisions. In times of discord in the relationship, they may also bring in their maturity due to past experiences.

2. Interesting views:

A couple with a gap in age may have different views and perspectives on life. It brings a certain freshness into the connection and helps one another to understand and accept the ideas of the other.

3. Financial stability:

It is likely that an older partner will be better settled as they start it early in life. This offers a stable financial position for the couple an additional advantage. A healthy balance: The younger partner can physically, financially, and emotionally support the older partner in the long term. This also helps to maintain stability for the family and children.

Although a decent age gap could have advantages, a broad gap could have more disadvantages than merits. 



Possible Disadvantages In Age-Gap Relationships


Here are some of the problems that couples with a large age gap are likely to face:

1. Might turn sour as time goes by:

Research has found that relationships with age gaps may initially work, but as time goes by, satisfaction will fall. “People married to a much older or younger spouse tend to experience greater declines in marital satisfaction over time compared to those married to age-like spouses,” says the Australian Household, Income, and Labor Dynamics (HILDA) study. 

2. Greater divorce chances:

Deception and decreased satisfaction can increase the risk of divorce. “The greater the age gap between you and your partner, the more likely your marriage ends in divorce, says Randy Olson, senior scientist at the University of Pennsylvania. There’s nothing to worry about just being one to five years away from your partner, but if you’re old enough to be your partner’s parent then your marriage may be in trouble. 

3. Marital instability:

Issues such as decreased value consensus, potential caregiving, and financial issues, and a power struggle could arise in a wide age gap marriage, especially if the wife is older than the husband.

4. Social disapproval:

the couple may attract unnecessary attention and may not be cooperative with the families. This could put the couple unnecessary pressure.

5. Life priorities: 

There are different priorities in life for people of different ages. One partner’s priorities might look frivolous to the other, bringing with them a psychological gap.

6.Having children:

Couples with a greater age gap may face health problems if they want to start a family, especially if they delay it. The fertility rate is closely linked to the couple’s age.

7. Unsatisfactoryromance:

The intimate moments between the couple might not be as good as they would like. The younger partner may want it to be more active and frequent while the older partner may not see it that way. 

8. Socializing:

Pairs with large age gaps can have a common social group or cannot have them. They may end up attending various social gatherings, hanging out with people of various ages. A partner’s friends may not want an elderly / younger person to be present.

It’s not necessary to have these disadvantages in all age – gap relationships because it all depends on how well you understand the relationship and take it forward.


Ways To Make An Age Gap Relationship Work


If you are entering into such a relationship, these tips would be of use to you:

1. Give space:

Don’t cling on to your partner. perceive the importance of giving space. In any relationship, giving space to every other is extraordinarily necessary and once the age gap is high, it becomes even additional necessary.
Have patience: managing odd things needs patience. Being calm and composed helps you win half the battle, as you’ll be able to view the things within the right perspective.

2. Be flexible:

Don’t be too rigid with your partner. Being versatile and empathic towards each other is very important to create a powerful connection with your better half.

Have an open mind:

Life can throw several challenges at completely different points in life. Having an open mind and staying confident about your decision and the relationship can provide you with clarity in life.

Enjoy silence:

Typically less is more, thus simply take an opportunity and do nothing. relish the calm and stillness instead of cribbing about petty problems in life.

Have a lively sex life:

If you’re happy and content with physical intimacy, then you’d love your partner better. This keeps each other hooked on to each other and most problems are taken care of.

Communicate well:

Most issues are resolved with correct communication. Your partner is somebody with whom you’ll be able to share something and everything beneath the sun. Therefore, have honest communication with your partner.

Love unconditionally:

Love your partner without any boundaries or limitations. Even the worst things are simply handled once the partners are loving, kind and fond towards each other.

The elements that matter in a relationship to work are love, trust, care, and affection. If these basic elements are intact, you can make a wide age gap relationship work.

It is purely a personal decision whether or not to have a much older or younger partner. But once a decision is made, you must give everything you need to make the relationship work

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