15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try
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Tired of photographs from the same old white backdrop? A colorful backdrop will make your pictures pop and save them from a dull look. You can spend expensive professional backdrops, or you can make your own DIY baby photoshoot backdrops.

DIY photo backdrops give you a lot of artistic control and make your pictures look amazing. These are useful anywhere from a birthday party photoshoot to a newborn session.

So how do you make a DIY background for photography? Here are 15 affordable and easy-to-use DIY baby photoshoot backdrops ideas that you can use in your photo studio or at home.

DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops

Once you realize how simple it is to get a professional setup right at home, you didn’t need a studio anytime in the near future. We’ve listed 15 simple DIY baby¬†photoshoot backdrops that you can make in the comfort of your own home!

1. Flowers and leaves

Grass, leaves, berries, and petals are available in a wide range of choices. You can make a flower bed for a baby, or even wreaths and other leaf and grass accessories.

These natural materials are one of the most favored backgrounds for many photographers and customers worldwide in newborn photography.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

2. Fairy Lights

A twinkle light portrait is particularly ideal for vacation photographs, but there is no reason why fairy lights should not be used to set any photo backdrop.

You only need a low-cost set of fairy lights and a simple backdrop to construct this setup, even if it is simply a wall.

We have a great tutorial showing how to set up for the shoot step-by-step, including the setup you need and retrieve shots! For this session, you certainly have to be shooting in manual mode as your aperture controls the look of the fairy lights.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

3. DIY Banner

If you’re fortunate to have a beautifully-textured wall or a good fence, you can finish with a simple banner on the backdrop.

Some phrases like “little princess” or “our child,” the name of the kid, or even some bright pictures might be there.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

4. Textured Quilt

Textured fabrics work better for plain colors than plain cotton which tends to emphasize every tiny crease and imperfection.

This was taken in the open shade on my front porch which gave me lovely soft light.
Using only natural light and DIY backdrops to produce stunning, light-filled portraits of studio styles.

5. Black Backdrop

Some photographers do not use black backgrounds and say it’s not very easy. They assume that cute specifics putting a pale-skinned kid on such a surface are impossible to see.

Even, if you wish to take a picture of a baby on a black backdrop, you can ‘play’ with that color. It looks very beautiful, in fact.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

6. Outdoor Backdrop

An outdoor photo experience is one of the best ways to make photography as environmentally friendly as possible. Using new greenery in spring or the light-colored abundance of flowering summer plants.

Nothing is organic more than the picture of a little child in nature’s bosom.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

7. Suitcase Backdrop

This is perfect if you are lying around with some fun or special scenario. Put on the floor bright bedding, and put the open case on it, and encourage your child to sit or to lie in it. It’s a great funny picture particularly if you’re your own travel buff!

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

8. Wooden Crate

It’s the best thing for many poses. The crane can be lined with cloth or fur and the baby lay inside.

The second version consists of a baby on top of the crane in the “butt-up” position. You can change angles and positions or even take pictures of a baby with his / her siblings.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

9. Teepees

Teepees are one of the most popular concepts for newborn photography for older babies and children as well.

For photographers who deal with various age groups, the teepee is very useful. A classic fabric tent will make any photo shoot more interesting.

In addition, imaginative shooters can make teepees of their own. You just need to cover the tree branches with a sheet of cloth.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

10. Faux Furs Backdrops

Hundreds of years ago, this handmade fluffy wool rug first appeared in Greece, and soon became popular worldwide. It belongs currently to the category that is really popular to work with for cheap photography.

Such a rug is off-white but numerous color variations can be found.

15 DIY Baby Photoshoot Backdrops You Can Try

11. Paper Plate Backdrop

Most of us have extra paper plates from parties or meetings across the house. Okay, they’re going to come in here in handy. Simply map the region you want to take the photoshoot in and place paper plates at equivalent distances on the wall. You may also use chart paper in white, black, or color to make it appear neater or create a contrast. You can go for the extra mile and paint them to add color if you have plain white paper plates.

12. Laces

First of all, bear in mind the very delicate skin of babies so they always feel safe and confident. Applying overlay fabrics, ensure that the underlay fabric is identical in color. Lace does have some delicate, angelic influence, isn’t it? It serves as a regal yet understated backdrop for newborn photoshoots. It also highlights the tender skin of the kid and adds to the photo an immaculate vibe. Lay down thick and colored bed sheets in white / light on the floor and finish with a layer of lace. Put your child on top of it and click away!

13. Bright Cloth Backdrop

Don’t be afraid of experimenting and playing with different colors. Who said your photo background should be pastel or white?

Dark and moody colors will only highlight your baby’s skin.

14. Wood Backdrop

They could also serve as the ideal backdrop if you have wooden flooring or some planks available at home. However, make sure your baby is safe to sit or lie on and make sure that your baby is covered in thick clothing just in case. A wooden crate also works as a wonderful background, so double whammy if you’ve got one!

15. Hanging Stork Sacks

This is a well-known tradition but still quite famous. You can get really touching pictures with hanging sacks but make sure a baby is safe and relaxed.

In fact, these composite images consist of a mixture of several shots. You won’t do without the editing of images.

These are 15 DIY baby photoshoot backdrop ideas you can try at home.

Make use of your resources and create amazing backdrops to see your child’s lovely pictures. After all, when they are older, it’s always fun to go down a memory lane!

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