How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?

How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?
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Although bullying is more evident in school, it seems like you can not really get rid of it because it can be just as detrimental to the workplace, too. Not only is there one form of bullying taking place, but it can occur in multiple ways and cause an excessive amount of anxiety and stress. Scroll down for the tips to deal with bullying at workplace.

Types of Bullying At Workplace

Office bullying is evident as people use various bullying methods. The following are:

1. Loudmouth

Obnoxious and loud, they like to be heard. They want to make people feel bad by criticizing or behaving dismissively towards the suggestions put forward by others as if it’s not worth a lot.

How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?

2. Prankster

A more recognized type of bullying is when pranks get too nasty. Joking with each other now and then is OK, as a strong team appears to work together well in projects. But if the teasing and joke around become centered on one person and turns to mean, the pranking has crossed the line.

3. Critic

Some people tend to bully others by holding them striving too high to still fall short. They are quick to let you and everybody else know all about the shortcomings in your job, and they do not seem to be pleasing to them.

How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?

4. Judgemental

There are those that don’t do something overtly to injure or ruin your life but instead take on an attitude that feels like you insulted them somehow. They judge every move you make and want to make it look like you’re simply not good enough.

5. Cliques

There are occasions when certain people shape a clique which may be based on various criteria. Others will only operate at their level with others and treat everyone else like trash, and some may just be members of the same team who feel that they are the most famous and that they get along very well. As mentioned earlier, getting along with each other is good, but it is intolerable if you treat someone outside your circle like dirt or start bullying as a team.

6. Gossip

Everyone knows about this sort of bullying which is not at all a direct form. They enjoy chatting and prefer to spread rumors and lies to drive their victims out. The words they say can also be really harmful to the victim.

How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?

7. Puppet Master

It is normal to give them a certain amount of respect when you work for someone, and doing a few little jobs here and there just being good isn’t a bad thing. But if you feel like your manager or boss is taking advantage of you or putting you in positions to secretly humiliate you, then you have a problem.

8. Saboteur

Such bullies often have a friendly atmosphere and appear to be people you can trust. They soon use tactics such as to forget important details and don’t tell you important meetings. They may be small things, but often they look for things that impact your career.

How To Deal With Bullying At Workplace?

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid workplace bullying:

1. Keep Patient And Be Calm

It’s best to do something in a self-controlled and professional way about the situation. If you are being questioned on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep calm while talking to your boss. If you need to wait for assistance for some excuse to talk to a supervisor, be sure to avoid the bully meanwhile. The best way is to discuss first thing in the morning with the supervisor and not while you’re in the midst of assignments. You will thus prevent any misunderstandings that may arise when people are stressed.

2. Tell Them To Stop Bullying You

Doing it is much easier than just saying it, but it is something that needs to be achieved. Say it softly but clearly so the bully understands you don’t approve of this sort of behavior. It may be the person just doesn’t realize he or she is taking it too far and this might be the sign they need to get back off. Stop a bully screaming match but still talk clearly. If the behavior persists, you know that more action is required.

3. Find A Person Who Can Witness Bullying

You’ll need someone to stand by you while reporting bullying at the workplace and say they’ve personally seen the bullying happen, so make sure you find someone who can do that. Ask them to take a note of it for the future and check that when the time comes they are able to back you up. If during a meeting with the superior you get bullied, make sure you take your witness along next time so that he or she can see what is going on. When things start going downhill you’re going to have a backup with you. It might even be that other people are getting bullied in the same way you are, and if you find out it’s happening, you should all try to tackle the problem together.

4. Record Bullying Events

You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to continue the bullying. When the bullying continues, however, keep a record of the bullying incidents. Take a note of the day and time that the bullying has taken place and what has happened. Note who was present in case a witness is needed and where it occurred. You’ll need as much information as you can to get your case done and put an end to the bullying.

5. Talk To The Person Who Is Able To Help

There is always someone to inform to implement the workplace rules on bullying. If you inform your boss about the situation, please politely state your case and show your evidence. When you need to fill out other forms, do so calmly. If your boss is the one who threatens you, contact HR or the one your boss is reporting to.

Bullying is not acceptable because you spend many hours a day at work. When you work, you need a calm and focused mind, so you have to do something about bullying. It may take some time to do something, so keep on stating your case until it is done.

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