independence day craft ideas
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      Kids Craft Ideas For Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the main festivals of our country. This year we will be celebrating the 73rd Independence Day, children are celebrating this day with full of pride and happiness. They do many activities apart from flag hoisting and eating lots. Independence Day’s craze is so high Children decorate their classrooms and school corridors. All the restaurants and offices and markets are fully decorated and look beautiful by themselves. Every child wants their craft or decoration to look the best and different.  And every mom wants new ideas to help their kid, so here are some independence day craft ideas for children that can make easily and can have a different decorative item.

Craft Ideas For Independence Day

1. Bracelet with Indian flag:

A very creative and fun craft idea for kids, they will love to do. For this bracelet,

You will need:

  • A small piece of thermocol
  • Beads or pearls of your choice
  • Elastic band or a simple elastic
  • A needle
  • Colors, paper cutter

We will start by making a small flag on the thermocol and color it. Now few steps which parent will do is cut the flag carefully with the help of paper cutter or thermocoe cutter and then make a hole in the flag with a needle so that the elastic can pass through it. Now pass the elastic through the beads and thermocol flag, so that the flag is in the center. Then tie the elastic and your flag bracelet is ready to wear.

Independence day craft ideas
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2. Bookmark:

A very easy bookmark is a very creative craft for children

You need:

  • Sheets of plain papers
  • Colors
  • String or ribbon to tie
  • Punching machine and scissors

It is a very quick and easy craft, start with cutting a piece of sheet or paper, in the shape of your choice. Now point your thumb with an orange color and make prints on the sheet, it can be any shape or size as per your choice or wish.

Independence day craft
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3.Tricolor paper fan:

It is a super easy and fun craft project for children

You need:

  • Craft papers in orange white and green color
  • Ice-cream sticks ( easily available at any craft store)
  • Some craft glue and a pair of scissors and a ruler


Take a ruler and mark the length and width on the craft paper and (length as per your wish) for example, you can take 12 and 10 centimeters and cut the sheets (orange, white and green). Now take one sheet at a time and start folding it one over the other to give it a spring-type effect.

Repeat this with the other two colors. Now stick one end of the orange and one end of the green paper on an ice-cream stick, and the other ends with the white paper in such a way that it looks like our flag and the paper fan is ready!

Independence day craft ideas
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4. Tri-color paper flower card:

One very easy craft for decoration is paper flowers which are different and look beautiful. With very few steps we can make a greeting card.

For this you need:

  • A chart or sheet paper, the color of your choice
  • Craft papers in  orange, white and green color
  • Glue  and scissors
  • Colors


We will directly start with making paper flowers, for that we will take a square piece of craft paper and fold it into a square and repeat the process again. After folding the paper twice tilt the square slightly so that it looks like a diamond shape now keeps two points in both hands and fold them upward to make a flower. Repeat this with the other two colors, your flowers are ready.

Now stick them the front side of the card with glue. Paint flower sticks and leaves with colors and your Independence Day card is ready!

Independence day craft ideas
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5. Indian flag with pulses and cereals:

It is a common, yet very creative way of creating and learning the process for your children.

You will need:

  • Red/ orange lentil or commonly known as masoor daal for the saffron color
  • For white color, use rice( chawal)
  • Use green gram or muung daal for the green color
  • Kidney beans or rajma
  • Some glue, a sheet, and pencils
  • Blue color for the Ashok Chakra.


On a sheet draw our national flag. Now put some glue on the flag, where we will stick orange lentil (Masoor daal). Then repeat the process for the other two colors respectively white (with rice) and green (Moong daal). Color some rice grains with blue color and make Ashok Chakra with it. Lastly, make the pole by sticking kidney beans or Rajma one over the other and your flag is ready!

Independence day craft ideas
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6. Pistachio shells tricolor flower:

For this you need:

  • A good amount of Pistachio shells
  • Hard sheet for the base
  • Colors of the Indian flag ( orange, white and green )
  • Craft glue and a pair of scissors


On a hard sheet, paste the pistachio shells to form a flower (like the image). Now color the shells the innermost shells with green, then the middle ones with white and the outermost with white. In the end, cut the extra sheet and your tri-color flower is ready.

Independence day craft ideas
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 So, These were some fun and super easy Independence Day craft ideas for your child’s  class decoration and also some crafts which they can share with their classmates and can celebrate the national festival

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