Classy carrier girls

Classy carrier girls
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As womens day is approaching everyone’s gonna write the same shit ,same women empowerment ideas,trying to change old myths in India but here’s my question to all those “is it changing something?” where we are lagging behind? how can we attain the goal equality amongst women and men in India?

India’s women literacy rate is less than the average world women’s literacy rate.Can you imagine the fact where our country is lagging behind, the rightly said mother to this nation is when uneducated from where will the development come.

In past years, Indian girls succeeded in many fields and proved to the narrow-minded partial society ,when challenged we can be the best sources for our country. This blog today is especially dedicated to all those girls who are independent today and crossed all societal barriers and reached the platform where no-one can stop them.

sharing you all an  inspirational content based on a true story.

An Indian middle class girl ,married when she really wanted to work,a bright student at school and college always had a dream to fly high………..but her dreams were never heard by anyone.No-one cared about what she wanted,her life was hers just to say but it was actually controlled by her single-mother-parent  and her aggressive and male-dominant  brother then married her to an unknown home where she thought she will be heard but god never destined for her a happy living.After marriage she was tortured by her in-laws and husband too.she lost all hopes and loosed all faiths but never thought of quitting. She fought for her freedom and motivated herself and finally completed her LLM degree and became the second women ADJ (add. district judge) from jabalpur dist. Madhya Pradesh in general category which is next to an impossible task and now serving to the Indian Constitution even after so many consequences ,a day was also there in her past when neither her own parents were accepting her nor her in-laws but that dedication of becoming big never let her stop…………..

This blog is especially  for defining her story and letting the world know that even after so many women empowering campaigns and blogs on Internet the reality is still same ….

The society is still where it belonged centuries ago in many aspects , some people try to move on and make it better for future gen but are again bounded by social evil thinkings and stopped to do what is right.

This women’s day lets promise to ourselves that we will not bound any girl and let her do whatever she wants. In future wherever she will be is because of her at least you wont be cursed for stopping her.

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 let us pick up our books and pencils.They are our biggest weapons - MALALA YOUSAFZAI

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