Chanting Spiritual Mantras During Pregnancy

Chanting Spiritual Music/Mantras during Pregnancy
We often listen from our elders that chant some mantras some time during a day while you are pregnant or Read Ramayana Loudly so that your baby can listen to it etc etc.
Does it all make sense?
Definitely!! Many Scientist research have shown that music impacts the fetal development, and when it comes about chanting spiritual Mantras to the baby in the womb, it shows various amazing benefits.
Baby in the womb enjoys soothing and slow music, on contrary loud sound may increase its heartbeats so better to avoid such exposure.
How Mantras are beneficial for Fetus:
1. When a mother sings, baby feel connected. This is a sign of first emotional development of fetus. Singing mother if enjoys the music, her heart beats at much calmer frequency which becomes an another musical tool for the baby.
2. Spiritual believe and chanting mantras strengthen the will of a pregnant woman. And a non-panic mother sends much positive vibes to her baby.
3. Research says, when mother makes it a habit of chanting to fetus, it starts understanding it and can recognize it after birth.
This can calm baby after birth when he cries or get cranky on something.
4. “Om” has the best resonation, it is called as vibrator of universe, when chanted during yoga sessions it transmit various good vibes into your body which is beneficial for a healthy development.
Vedic mantras have immense power in them, if chanted properly it gives a lot of strength and power both to the mother and the baby in the womb. The power which is required to keep up the good pregnancy, to raise a healthy child and to nurture a smart child.
If you want to know more about type of mantras that should be chanted during pregnancy let us know in the comment section below. We shall provide you the list of Mantras along with its significance.

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