Want To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown?

Want To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown?
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For most children and young people, the COVID-19 crisis has already had a huge effect on daily life, with schools closed, exams cancelled and holidays postponed. In these situations, it would be simple to downplay birthdays and other annual events. It is crucial that children do not feel as though their lives were put on hold. Moreover, during a pretty stressful period, a good party will provide us all with a few hours of light relief. The good news is that you can assure that those memorable days are still marked in style with a mix of innovative thinking and some technical solutions. Scroll down to know how to celebrate special occasions during lockdown.

Ways To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown

Celebrating special occasions is becoming quite the norm during lockdown. Although it made us feel quite uncomfortable at first, we must admit it inspired all of us to become very innovative. Here are our ideas for helping you – or someone close to you – celebrate special occasions during lockdown and have the best party, no matter what.

1. Make Special Video For The Occasion

For a birthday a short video with all friends and families of the child may be a more complicated but probably even more memorable choice for you to give them good wishes via video. Or how about having a video of all their mates singing a line of their favorite song together?

Want To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown?

2. Throw A Virtual Party

Video-chatting applications like Houseparty, Zoom, and Skype are geared to virtual groups. All give friends the opportunity to catch up online – but which one you choose will affect the size of the group, with Houseparty having a maximum of eight guests while Skype can accommodate up to 50 guests and Zoom a whopping 100.

When you celebrate the birthday of a kid – and based on their age – you can set up one and leave them alone with their friends to enjoy themselves, whether they’re having a nice singalong, playing games, doing a quiz, or just catching up.

For optimum impact, you should contact friends of your child – or their parents – in advance to plan for everything to go ahead at a set time, and spring it on them as a surprise. Not only does a virtual party function for birthdays, of course: you should plan one for Easter Sunday so that the entire extended family could have a catch-up and see how much chocolate they’ve all consumed.

3. Camp-out inside

Stacking at home doesn’t mean being boring. Transform your living room into a comfortable camping ground and your child will feel the thrill of sleeping in a different place.

You are amazed at how efficient blankets and lighting can become something magical in an everyday space. For the finishing touch, call a fake campfire on your screen.

4. Throw A Street Party

Since the lockdown started, several streets and neighborhoods have formed WhatsApp or Facebook-based community groups – so put them to work to support the big day.

Let your neighbors know that your household is celebrating a birthday and schedule a time for everybody to step out and express their best wishes by their main doors. Not only does your child feel very loved with a massive Happy Birthday singalong, but it will also surely bring a smile into everybody’s faces.

Another choice for the group is that everyone should create birthday messages for the boy or girl in the window so that they can see them while taking their daily exercise.

5. Order A Special Takeaway

In favorite restaurants, many special occasions are marked with family meals. Obviously, that is out of the question right now – just bring the meal around. Several restaurants continue to offer services like Deliveroo, JustEat, and UberEats that deliver professionally prepared food to your door during this time.

Not only pizza, curry, or fish and chips can be enjoyed in your pajamas, but you can also encourage local businesses to benefit them. Only remember to ask for the option to deliver socially distant meals where the food is left at your door instead of handed directly to you.

6. Throw A Gaming Party

Here is another option which is ideal for a birthday for a child or a teen: pick their favorite game, irrespective of whether it’s Animal Crossing, Fortnite or FIFA or something, and invite all of their friends to join them from home. If you lack a headset and can not talk with your computer, you can still create a video call simultaneously.

7. Plan A Future Party

This lock is only temporary and we are looking forward to being able to celebrate in person with all our friends and families shortly.

There’s no reason why you won’t be able to schedule one for later, even though you have a virtual party. This will give all of you something to look forward to. Just imagine how happy everyone is when everybody is in a room or park.

8. Pub crawl

Missing the pub? Lockdown doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to bring the pub to you.

Make yourself adventurous and drink in every room and here, you have your own pub crawl!

You can also have a drink in every small area and when you stay in a home.

Learn to make tasty cocktails and impress your family with a bartender role.

9. Have a picnic

Why not have a picnic if you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space and it’s not raining?

Make your favorite sandwiches, pick up a birthday cake, and sit down in the garden.

Turn your living room into an enticing room with linen and fairy lights, to have an indoor picnic on the floor for those living in an apartment or a shared home.

Want To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown?

10. Karaoke party

Warm-up your vocal cords on your birthday and bust out your favorite songs.

Why not make a playlist for your birthday, and then include your friends, family, or spouse and host your own karaoke party.

Also, invite your friends to a video chat and singing along with you.

These are 10 fun ways to celebrate special occasions during lockdown.

Want To Celebrate Special Occasions During Lockdown?

This year many will celebrate their special days inside their homes as we all adjust to life in a lockout.

But that doesn’t mean that you can not have a fun time. Even though you’re not going to hang out with your family or visit a bar with friends.

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