Causes Of Body Odour During Pregnancy

Causes Of Body Odour During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy significantly changes your hormone levels which in turn affects your sensory characteristics and emotions. Through a boost in your basal metabolic rate and improved blood flow to all areas of your body—armpits, vagina, uterus, and almost everywhere your glands work overtime. You can unexpectedly find yourself no longer feeling new as a daisy. Pregnancy also turns your nose like a blood-hound, and you will not be able to conquer the foul scent that your body emits. Body odour during pregnancy can really make you uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Causes Body Odour During Pregnancy

Estradiol is a hormone that rises with a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy. Odors coming from outside are easy to cope with, but the foul smell that comes from your own body might be unbearable. It could help to cope with them by knowing the underlying causes for the bad-smelling odours. To explore the key causes for strong body odour during pregnancy, read on.

1. Excessive Sweating

The temperature of the body increases during pregnancy and pregnant women typically have a poor threshold when dealing with heat. And on cool days, the extra weight you carry makes you sweat more. Sweat glands of pregnant women become hyperactive and worsen body odour. However, as it rests on the skin, the sweat is odourless and provides an environment for bacteria to flourish, creating bad body odour during pregnancy.

Causes Of Body Odour During Pregnancy
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2. Hormonal Change

Your body produces a strong smell with a dramatic shift in hormonal levels in the body, especially with increased concentrations of estradiol. Hormones are the primary cause of the strong odour. The genitals and armpits are the key areas that hormones influence, which is why underarm odour is most prevalent in expectant mothers during pregnancy.

3. Sensitivity

With the rise in estrogen levels, multiple cravings and feelings are encountered by pregnant women. Your sense of smell will rise, and at the slightest of whiffs, even to the point of throwing up, you can find yourself cringing. It could be very plausible that the people around you did not recognize the smell, but you did. Blame it on your increased susceptibility to things.

4. Diet Change

A goodi diet is an important aspect of pregnancy, and a number of healthy foods are consumed by most expectant mothers. Body odour variations are caused by some ingredients. Red meat has amino acids that, for a few hours or even for days, allow the sweat to smell a certain way. Not only does seafood affect the odour of sweat, but also vaginal discharge. Sulfur that is ingested into the bloodstream is present in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. This erupts on the surface of the skin as saliva blends with bacteria that results in a foul odour. A variation in body odour can also be caused by the medications that you take.

Causes Of Body Odour During Pregnancy
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5. Preparation for breastfeeding

Your body is ready for lactation while you are pregnant. Know that your little one will take some time to acquire proper hearing and vision, and before then, their acute sense of smell will allow them to identify things. Your child will know you by your scent, and it is only natural that a strong smell will bring your child closer to you. Your smelly armpits will allow your child to swirl their head to eat instinctively in the direction of your breasts.

Most often, due to your heightened sense of smell, it is only you who can sense this odour. Do not think about others’ reactions. However, please call your doctor if you encounter any vaginal secretions that have an unusual colour or odour.

Natural Ways To Handle Body Odour During Pregnancy

  • Bath twice a day: Take a soothing bath twice a day with a gentle anti-bacterial soap. Before you put on your clothing, dry yourself with a clean towel. Often, wash your hair if you get greasy.
  • Trim your hair: Trim or shave the hair in your genitals and armpits to prevent bacterial growth and body smell. Cutting the vagina will also make it easier to clean.
  • Keep hydrated: Drink more water as the body odour can be managed and wash out the body’s toxins.
  • Wear the right clothes: wear cotton garments that are breathable and can minimize the temperature of the body. Even, after the shower, do not wear the same clothing. Do not wear polyester and rayon clothes. Soak underwear and socks in vinegar water to eliminate the odour.
  • Eat right: skip smelly ingredients, such as onions and garlic. Eat more fruit and vegetables as they offer less of an unpleasant odor.
  • Keep your vagina tidy: keep your vaginal hygiene clean by washing the place with clean cleaners. This helps to regulate the levels of bacteria and pH in the vaginal region.

When To See A Doctor?

  • Consult the doctor if you don’t get a better body odor with home care tips. Consult the doctor if you have:
  • Experience a change in the odor of the body
  • Suddenly start sweating too much
  • Find the body odour intolerable
    In order to regulate the odour to a large degree, the doctor can prescribe medication.

Treatment For Body Odor

If you have a bad body odour, the following preventive steps could be recommended by your doctor.

  • Antiperspirants, which minimize the amount of sweat and prevent the flow of sweat to the surface of the skin.
  • Deodorants that minimize the odour caused by perspiration.
  • Medicated soaps that kill odor-causing bacteria.

Even if you uphold an impeccable level of personal hygiene and eat well, you can experience a severe body odour. Under such cases, be sure to consult your doctor. Your doctor may recommend some medicated soap or make a few adjustments to the medicines you may be taking. Remember that the scent of your body will never affect your child, and more often than not, it is only you who will be able to smell it. The methods listed above are the best ways of removing body odors and preserving personal hygiene. So go ahead and try them, and don’t think too much, as it’s just part of the experience.

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