Breastfeeding In Public: Is It Ok?

Breastfeeding in public
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Breasts are advertised on television, in newspapers, on billboards, and on beaches, but, surprisingly, when they are used to feed a baby in public, they can still be a tough sell. Although breastfeeding in public is becoming more embraced. It still tends to draw much more attention than bottle-feeding. Sadly not always the kind of “aww sweet”.

Yet considering the many benefits of breastfeeding and the fact that a hungry baby doesn’t wait for a mom, you’ll easily hang up any public nursing hang-ups. Luckily, there are ways to keep your child safe, even confidential (if you choose) in public places.

Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

  • Wearing clothing, such as tops that pull up from the waist or down button, to allow easy access to your breasts.
  • To cover, anything you don’t want to reveal in public, use a blanket around your shoulders.
  • Breast feeding your kid in a sling. Slings or other soft carriers of infants are particularly useful for travel. They make keeping your baby happy and attached to you easier. But be mindful that baby slings can be a risk for babies to suffocate. Check alerts with the Commission on Consumer Product Safety before purchasing a sling.
  • If you choose to breastfeed in a private or quiet place, use a women’s lounge or dressing room in shops.
  • Use the blanket or other covering methods to breastfeed at home if you intend to use them to keep you and your baby breastfeed easier that way.

Before he or she is fussy, it helps breastfeed your baby so you have time to get into a comfortable place or feeding position. (You’ll know the early hunger signals of your baby over time.) When you get to your destination, find a place where you can breastfeed and feel comfortable.

What To Do If You Are Harassed While Breastfeeding In Public

If someone ever feels or says that you don’t have the right to nurse, stand up and remember that the law is on your side. A couple of tips:

  • Try to stay calm as the first line of action to stop attacks. That’s unless, of course, you feel physically unsafe — in which case, in any way, call the police. If not, ask for clarification as to what you are being asked to do and why. Here’s where it can be useful to have a copy of breastfeeding laws.
  • Recall that you are meeting the needs of your baby. Staying at home all the time is not practical, and you should (and can) be able to feed your baby while you’re out and about. You ought to be proud of your commitment Furthermore, no bottles mean fewer packaging materials and no concerns about bringing the milk to the right temperature.
  • If an employee does the abuse or makes no effort to help you to stand, please contact the company, either immediately with an on-site manager or later with the Customer Relations department. Give them to respond for at least a few days and keep records of your conversations. Try to contact someone higher up in the company, like a corporate or public relations officer, if you don’t get a response.
  • Speak to other moms about their public handling of criticism. While nobody should ever judge you for feeding your baby, in advance, what other mothers have done in a similar situation may help to know.

Breastfeeding Gear That Can Help

Quest for more equipment for a little less stressful public breastfeeding? The following can be of assistance:

1. Travel nursing pillow

When you usually use a nursing pillow at home, it may help you get one with you on the go. For example, some brands make inflatable or travel-sized nursing pillows that you can take with you easily on flights.

2. A copy of the law

If you are ever the object of unwanted attention, it can be beneficial to carry a copy of the nursing law in your diaper bag.

3. Breast feeding clothing

Designed with concealed flaps, nursing dresses and tops encourage fast feeding and pumping access. This equipment is also designed to fit the larger bust size of a nursing mom — a big plus.

While public breastfeeding is approved in many places some people and companies are still opposed to the practice. If you are a nursing mother or are in favor of public breast-feeding, it helps to understand the views of these companies and individuals and why they feel that public breastfeeding is incorrect or should be prohibited.


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