Breastfeeding As An Alternative Birth Control ?

Breastfeeding As An Alternative Birth Control
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We often hear, that till you are breastfeeding you can remain stress-free about returning of your periods post delivery or conceiving again.

Though, Breastfeeding delays the return of your periods. However, you’ll ovulate before you have your first period. So you can not take risk, as ovulation says that yes! you are fertile again.

Frequent and regular breastfeeding as a form of contraception is called lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM). But it is not a foolproof contraception that you can rely upon.

LAM will only work in few cases when your baby is on exclusive BF.

Exclusive breastfeeding on demand usually means a minimum of six long breastfeeds every 24 hours. And your baby should not use bottles/ formula milk in between. Because your baby’s suckling stimulates the hormone that suppress Ovulation.

When you are not following all above said Exclusive BF methods and have started using formula milk & solids in your baby’s diet then doesn’t matter whether your periods have returned or not but you could have become fertile.

Some women have lower levels of the progesterone hormones than others in the months after giving birth. If this is the case, you are more likely to become fertile earlier. Your periods can return anytime after 15 weeks, so its better to opt another form of Contraception to be more sure.

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