Know Best Brain Gym Exercises for Kids

Know Best Brain Gym Exercises for Kids
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Brain gym exercises are perfect for children. Mix sedentary activities with exercises that create both brain hemispheres to enhance language abilities, math, and symbolic thinking.

Brain gym is an exercise routine that prepares both mind and body for learning. It comprises of exercises that assist alleviate stress, channel pent-up energy and wake up the brain. These exercises can be done by children at home or at school. They are enjoyable and engaging besides being comfortable.

This technique’s essence is to engage the brain through physical movements that are intended to stimulate and challenge. A great plus of brain gym exercises is that individuals of any age can practice them. So, before you begin, attempt one of these exercises if you need to concentrate your attention on an activity.

What are Brain Gym Exercises?

Like any other practice, brain exercises stimulate activity in the brain and require essential tasks and actions to be taken. The exercises involve several motions that support the entire body coordination of your child’s ears, eyes, head, and limbs. It contains easy motions that assist in various fields such as:

  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Academics
  • Self-responsibility
  • Relationship

While it is not really apparent why and how they are helping, many parents and individuals who used them have indicated that these easy movements have brought drastic changes to all of the above-described fields.

Benefits of Brain Gym Exercises For Kids

  • Helps your kid to become sharper and more intelligent.
  • Strengthens the self-esteem and level of confidence of your child.
  • Improves health and strengthens your child’s immunity and healing.
  • Enhance your vision
  • Improves your creativity
  • Enhance your communication skills

Brain Gym Exercise For Kids

1. Draw the number 8:

Ask your kid to use their finger to draw the number 8 again and again. You can “draw” the figure in the air or give it a piece of paper and show it how to trace it.

The significant aspect of this practice is to use their non-dominant hand: the right-handed kid should draw with his left hand, and vice versa.

This stimulates and activates the creative hemisphere of the brain.

Brain Gym Exercises for Kids
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2. Cross crawl:

This practice helps to combine excess energy, which is perfect before starting a focused activity.

This simple series of motions activate both brain hemispheres that work together.

Your kid should stand up with his right elbow and touch his left knee. Next again they’re moving reverse and touching their right knee on their left elbow.

Brain Gym Exercises for Kids
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3. Double doodles:

This is a two-handed drawing method: with both hands at once, little ones should attempt to draw the same figure. This exercise enables to create written language abilities, symbolic thinking, and mathematical capacity. Before beginning a complex homework assignment, this practice is a nice one to attempt.

4. Tracing shapes:

The kid draws a triangle with his right hand in this practice, whether in the air or on a piece of paper. At the same moment, with their left hand, they should attempt to draw a circle.

Continue to try this activity until your kid can draw the numbers separately. This is an exercise of disassociation that increases brainpower.

5. Rub your belly, pat your head:

Here’s another activity that boosts both brain halves.

Your kid should begin by rubbing his stomach in a circular motion with one hand. Then, with their other hand, they must attempt to pat their head.

This exercise prepares the brain to know new information and assimilate it.

6. Pinkies and pointers:

Get your kid with both hands to create a fist. They should attempt on their right hand to raise their pinky while lifting their index finger on their left.

Switch hand sides when they manage to do it: index finger on the right-hand side, pinky on the left-hand side.

This workout enables fine motor skills to enhance concentration.

7. Earth Buttons:

Let your kid stand or sit down comfortably, putting his right hand on his lips and his left-hand palm on his navel. After that, allow your kid to rub both hands in tiny circular movements in their corresponding areas. This increases the mental alertness of your child and enhances the orientation of the whole body.

8. Hook-Ups:

Ask your baby to either stand up, sit down or lie down for this exercise. Let your kid cross his left ankle above the right one and then position the hands on the chest with fingers intertwined and breathe profoundly. This allows the mind and body of your kid to relax and decrease stress.

9. The Thinking Cap:

Your kid needs to hold both the ears with the thumb and index finger, and then roll and unroll the outer part of your ear. This increases your child’s short-term memory, hearing, and peripheral vision.

10. Neck stretches:

Invite your baby to breathe profoundly, relax his shoulders, and tip his head back a little, with his eyes closed.

They should then move their head from side to side, making circular movements.

The main aspect of this relaxing workout is deep breathing. The motions assist regulate the breathing and oxygenate the brain.


Why not put together a 5 to 10-minute short morning routine of such exercises? By doing this on a regular basis, you will prepare your kids to process all the data they obtain during their day at school.

Kids acquire fundamental abilities from an early age with brain gym exercises. This includes coordination, equilibrium, gross and fine motor skills, concentration and visual perception.

Practice these activities before school or doing homework to give concentration and focus tools to your kid.

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