Do Bleach Pregnancy Test Really Works?

Do bleach pregnancy test really works
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Bleach was used as a cleaning agent for the kitchen and toilets in each household. Bleach can also be used at home for a pregnancy test. This home pregnancy test is called the Bleach Pregnancy Test, using bleach. It is a fast and affordable alternative to a conventional pregnancy test.

What is a homemade bleach pregnancy test?

The bleach pregnancy test is a DIY test that involves mixing your urine with bleach. To tell you if you are pregnant, the bleach will react with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone found in urine.

How bleach pregnancy test work?

Bleach pregnancy tests work in the same way as legitimate home pregnancy tests that you buy from the store, although there is no research or evidence to support that. You’re basically urinating in a cup and pouring some bleach into the urine. According to the test’s proponents, foamy urine indicates the presence of hCG, meaning you’re pregnant, while urine that doesn’t foam or just fizzes a bit doesn’t contain hCG, meaning you’re not pregnant.

What do you need to do the test?

You’ll need the following items for the Bleach Pregnancy test:

  • Two clean cups, mark them with cup 1 and cup
  • Standard household bleach
  • Urine sample (try to perform the morning test as the urine concentration of HCG is at that time maximum)

How accurate bleach pregnancy test:

Not very precise — so you don’t have to count on one to tell you if you’re pregnant. Bleach pregnancy tests have never been studied and they are not recommended by any major medical organization.

But what if you’re just trying it for fun? Some DIY tests (such as the sugar pregnancy test) are completely harmless and playing around with them is fine as long as you also take a store-bought pregnancy test to confirm your results. But the bleaching test is a bad idea, say many OB / GYNs, as it may be dangerous to inhale bleach smoke, particularly if the bleach is mixed with ammonia and you do so in a closed area such as the bathroom. You also need to avoid any direct skin or eye contact and bleach, as it can cause irritation and burning.

Risks associated with a bleach pregnancy test:

Bleach is a strong chemical and has not been studied in pregnant females. Experts don’t know if inhaling y fumes might be harmful to your baby, so minimizing your exposure during your pregnancy makes sense. Even if the test only takes a few minutes, you’re better safe than sorry, right? In addition, there is a possibility that bleaching can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, as it is with other heavy-duty cleaning products. Homemade bleach pregnancy tests have the potential to be detrimental to both you and your child, and there is no evidence that they work. You’re better off skipping them completely in favor of both precise and safe drugstore pregnancy tests.


During the Bleach Pregnancy test, it is very essential to take safety precautions. You should take some precautions here:

  • Do not pee for this test in the container. It’s going to cause a splash and splash all over. Also, if you pee in the container, the force of dropping urine will trigger froth and bubble. It could yield both confusing and incorrect outcomes.
  • Use the ordinary bleach instead of the fragrant or colored bleach as it may interfere with the response between bleach and pee.
  • Bleach and urine mixing fumes can trigger watery eyes, nausea, suffocation, and chest pain. Fumes and pee pregnancy tests may be poisonous to your unborn child if you inhale them.
  • In the first few seconds, the observation has to be made. It’s going to froth for other purposes if you leave the mix for too long. It will be regarded as a false positive result of pregnancy.
  • Ensure that space, where the test is performed, has adequate ventilation. Never inhale any of the gasses that come out during the experiment.
  • Do not allow the bleach to come into touch with your skin. Bleach is corrosive by nature. It may trigger irritation and burns.
  • Don’t shake the combination of urine and bleach. The froth seen after the mixture shakes is not the correct pregnancy indicator. The stirring action could have caused the foam or froth.

A very useful home-based test for checking pregnancy is the Bleach Pregnancy Test. The results of this test, however, are not 100% conclusive. For confirmed results, it is highly recommended that you get a standard pregnancy test done in a hospital.

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