Best Way To Reduce Weight – For Mums


We, moms are most tensed creatures, we tend to take tensions about each member of our family, and are most worried about our kids, their health, their studies, their well being, their growth etc etc.

In between all these engagements we get very ignorant about our own health.

Many times the cause of obesity in women is improper schedules. We tend to skip meals, eat late and sleep inadequate, this imbalance in life cause many health troubles and of course welcomes obesity in mums.

When we become mums, it becomes a full time job and you obviously can not find enough time to visit gyms or yoga classes for a few years. Then what is the best way to keep yourself fit?

Play with your kids !!

Yes, you can find a time in your daily routine to play with your baby, start from the day when your baby can crawl confidently. What can be a better entertainment for your baby than a mum who is jumping, running with or in front of him, or telling a story/rhyme with actions, playing hide and seek at home etc etc.

There can be any game which can be played with your kid, this can become beneficial for –

  1. Your health.
  2. Your bonding with the baby
  3. Play time reduces stress both in babies/kids and parents.
  4. Babies/Toddlers or Little kids are happiest when their parents get involved in their play time
  5. It is better than keeping a kid engaged with rhymes etc when he gets bored.

No exercise is better than this to reduce your weight and stress simultaneously.

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