Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year
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You apparently did everything in quarantine-dancing to a Tiktok video, whipping up a dalgona coffee, turning hairstylist for a day, learning something new, and cooking some delicious meal. Is there anything left to do?  Yeah, you can’t be more wrong.

Welcome to the social media age!

Be not alarmed the next time you walk around your teens with a pillow attached to a belt! It’s one of the many social media challenges the online world has taken. The last few months have seen the real world lockdown but the virtual world continues to rise and bring about another challenge or trending post.

Social media is witnessing a viral trend or social challenge that enthuses the enthusiasm of many people joining the bandwagon. Some manage to get it off, while others deliver a humorous show. Over the years, the world has been storming with many challenges in social media … literally!

Here’s a recap of some of the social media challenges that went viral across social media platforms in 2020, in keeping with the current trends.

Popular Social Media Challenges Of The Year

Although socialization was instantly discontinued, people found new ways to stay in contact with their friends and relatives. And innovatively, we refer to the challenges of viral social media that are going online. The internet is a very strange place, to say the least because you never know what you could come across. Here are some popular social media challenges of the year.

 1. Safe Hands Challenge

No prizes to guess the challenge’s objective. Since there was a coronavirus lockdown throughout the world, a challenge related to the virus had only come up a little while ago.

The Safe Hands challenge was the World Health Organization’s (WHO) brainchild, which initiated the “#safehandchallenge” to call on people to adopt safe, hygienic, hand-wash techniques to resolve the outbreak.

The challenge was a huge public hit. Famous figures and social media figures quickly took up the task by sharing 20 seconds of their videos washing their hands (as suggested by the World Health Organization).

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

2. Pillow Challenge

The pillow challenge was one of the strangest and yet most trendy and very humorous social media challenges that spread like wildfire in April. The challenge is … hold your breath, holding a pillow on your body without anything else, making a style statement, started by Instagram users, @styledbynelli and@myforteisfashion.

Prominent people, social media influencers, models, college teenagers, and girls next door all seemed to try their hands on this challenge. mMany have added their favorite belts and shoe to match.

If you want to do it, just get a white pillow for yourself. Welcome to the challenge pillow club!

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

3. The Saree Challenge

Based on their social media reports, many would-be flooded with the posts of women in sarees until a couple of months ago. You would probably be forgiven at first glance for thinking that it is an ethnic week or for paying tribute to the saree week. But it was the famous challenge of saree.

You have to post yourself in a saree and tag your friends. The challenge is to do the same thing. The challenge quickly went viral and social media users were treated to a number of lovely Saree photos. Interestingly, the men followed suit by putting a picture of themselves in a dhoti.

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

4. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

All are enjoying coffee in their own way-some prefer it black, some like milk, and some, well … they ‘re fans of the latest coffee challenge – the Dalgona Coffee Challenge.

The challenge brought out the coffee maker in all, inspired by a sugar toffee with a light sponge-like texture known as the South Korean Dalgona candy. The coffee is an easy mix of ice milk from the bottom and gooey coffee from the top.

The two-tone appearance and delicious taste made it an instant success with people all over the world looking for their favorite coffee.

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

5. Patience Challenge

For many parents in particular the Patience Challenge is a favorite. The obstacle, to put it lightly, is cuteness. In essence, a candy bowl or chocolate bar or some sweet dish is kept before a baby while parents instruct them to wait a minute before they are able to eat.

Instead, the parents move to a different room and record the challenge secretly. Surprisingly, many kids have done this, while some hungry children have just started to dig into the delicacies.

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

6. Flip The Switch Challenge

Flip The Switch Challenge is among the social media challenges that can be experienced in a long time.

How it’s done is here. The one is in front of the mirror and the other is in the background. The one who stands behind begins to dance to the song Nonstop by the American artist Drake. The lights go off after a couple of seconds of the dance. Once the lights are back, all persons change roles and the clothing or even the environment, in some cases. Sounds fun, right?

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

7. Shopping Bag Challenge

This is what social media are all about. Every few days or weeks trends continue to change! Well, it’s the rise of the shopping bag challenge after the pillow challenge.

The name will at first indicate a click on shopping bag photos. As the name suggests, however, the challenge involves people fishing out their different shopping bags and using their imagination to wear them in style to make the perfect statement of fashion.

Many of the famous brands got off the shopping bags and started to post images. Although a lot of people preferred to wear a shopping bag, others wore it as trousers and skirts.

Best Social Media Challenges Of The Year

So these are 7 popular and social media challenges that went viral across social media platforms in 2020

The year 2020 is challenging and tough. Life’s beauty ensures that it continues. Social media may have its own benefits and drawbacks, but challenges that come up sometimes always bring joy to our daily routines.

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