Best Movies To Watch When You Are Pregnant

Best movies to watch during pregnancy
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Best Movies To Watch When You Are Pregnant

Hollywood And Bollywood


These nine months are very precious but you might get bored sitting and dealing with the unavoidable pregnancy symptoms. Here is a list of 10 best movies (hollywood and bollywood) for you to enjoy during this time. Watch all or pick your favourites!



What to expect when you are expecting
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The lives of five couples change drastically as they begin to prepare to be parents.  Five very different couples all experience the highs and lows of pregnancy and starting a family. It’s pretty fun to watch this cast of big-name stars (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Kendrick, Chace Crawford, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Rock and more) fumble their way toward parenthood. This movie has so much to offer.

Takeaway: Life is unpredictable but so is pregnancy. You will see different stories and each one makes sense.


  • LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (2010)

Life as we know it
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Introduced by common friends, Eric (Josh Duhamel) and Holly (Katherine Heigl) go on a date but end up hating each other. Holly and Eric are not married and can barely tolerate each other, but after fate takes a disastrous turn, they both happen to be godparents to baby Sophia. There are few romantic moments that will make you go “aww” and watch out for that adorable baby.

Takeaway: You will relate with the struggle if you are worrying about after the baby arrives. There are few romantic moments that will make you go “aww” and watch out for that adorable baby.


  •  LOVE, ROSIE (2015)

Love rosie
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Based on best-selling author Cecelia Ahern’s novel ‘Where Rainbows End’, Love, Rosie is the story of two childhood friends, Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin), who ‘keep missing each other in love’. Long distance, failed marriages, even spats can’t wear away the connection between the two people who always have other’s back and turn to each other to seek solace. Do they end up living ‘happily ever after’?

Takeaway: The movie makes you believe that anything is possible and that one should never give up on hope. It is a comfortable mix of romance, comedy and reality.


  • KNOCKED UP (2007)

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Alison (Katherine Heigl), a TV Host, and Ben (Seth Rogen), a jobless man, end up having a one-night stand. Alison soon discovers that she is pregnant with Ben’s child and they must decide on their priorities and make a choice. It’s heart-warming and hilarious to watch this pair of opposites (she’s a hard-working journalist, he’s a stoner) tackle the task of getting to know each other and preparing for a baby.

Takeaway: You will love the fact that they have left no part of pregnancy untouched.


  • JUNO (2007)

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Who doesn’t love Juno? It is one of those movies which everyone can watch. But right now is a good time for the mother-to-be to watch this amazing movie. Here, 16-year-old Juno (Ellen Page) gets pregnant by her pal and “maybe” boyfriend, Paulie (the adorably awkward Michael Cera), but then decides to give the baby up for adoption. This movie is hands-down the wittiest pregnancy movie. You will love every part of it.

Takeaway: The realistic portrayal makes it so comfortable to watch the drama.



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This movie had a take that no one was taking in Bollywood during that time – live in relationships. Nikhil and Ambar fall in love and decide to live together, but part ways when Ambar gets pregnant. However, their tenancy agreement forces them to live together in an awkward relationship. The movie has it all – romance, reality, tears and comedy. What more to ask for?

Takeaway: You will have the satisfaction of watching a good Bollywood drama which is not so unrealistic after all.


  • KAHAANI (2012)

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Vidya is seven months pregnant, yet she is still independent and determined to get to the bottom of what happened to the father of her child. When Vidya travels from London to Kolkata to find her missing husband, she realises that the city is full of lies when the clues conclude to imply that her husband does not exist. She is more determined now to find out the truth about what happened to him. It is an amazing story of a powerful and strong woman.

Takeaway: Maybe you will find something about her that you don’t know!


  • BADHAAI HO (2018)

Badhaai ho
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This one movie has won many awards. A story like no other and characters that match the story-line so perfectly that you will feel as if it’s all happening for real. The story revolves around Nakul, a 25-year-old man who is shocked to discover that his mother is pregnant. His struggle to come to terms with the news puts his relationship with his girlfriend Renee in jeopardy. The judgmental society and the neighborhood dramas are all a part of this great movie.

Takeaway: A lot of laughter, reality and some soft tears maybe.



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One of the many best performances by Sridevi. This movie talked about a very simple thing in the most beautiful way. A sweet and gentle housewife is made fun of by her educated husband and daughter. When she goes to Manhattan to visit her sister, she decides to join an English class and learn to speak the language. She steps out to prove her intelligence and determination. You will not regret seeing this movie.

Takeaway: It is good if your choice is to stay at home and take care of your home and kids but its also great to go out once in a while and do something for your own self.



Shaadi ke side effects
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Have you watched “Pyar ke side effects”? Doesn’t matter if you haven’t because this movie has a completely new take and is nothing related the previous one. Siddharth (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) are in love and leading a happy married life until Trisha gets pregnant. They then find themselves struggling with the challenges of parenthood even after the arrival of their baby.

Takeaway: You will see that rediscovering yourselves after marriage and parenting is a real thing. The disagreements and fights are all a part of it.


Now that you have the perfect list for your movie-time, you must grab a box of popcorn or any snack you are binging on during these 9 beautiful months. Watch the alone or with your partner but these ten are best to go for!


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