Best Kids Movies For Your Family Time

Family movie time
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Best Kids Movies For Your Family Time


Family movie time is an underrated gem. It is that time of the family where all the other screens shut off and everyone connects on one story and one emotion. Its one of the most heart-warming experiences. It doesn’t matter if you watch it on your regular television or on the new projector you just purchased. Just remember to have the time you need with your family because it doesn’t always come back.


Choosing a movie


Now it can be a challenge to pick one movie that every member of your family will love, especially kids. When you are a parent you have to first think of what your child will get through the art they are going to encounter. The scary but exciting thing is that these stories stay with the kids forever.

We have made it a little easier for you to choose from the best and we are sure your child will enjoy them. The best part is these movies are loved by every age group. So, pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a family movie time. These children’s classics have stood the test of time, and all have a little something that parents can enjoy, too.


Pick your choice


Marry Poppins 

Marry Poppins original
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An American musical film, released in 1964, that features the now-iconic screen debut of Julie Andrews. A children’s classic, Mary Poppins is considered to be among the finest of Walt Disney’s productions. It was adapted from the P.L. Travers book of the same name. The movie concerns a magical nanny (played by Andrews) who mysteriously appears at a troubled household to take charge of raising the two young children of a banker and a busy suffragette.


Mary Poppins returns 

The Mary Poppins remake
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We always get at least a little disappointed when the remake or sequel doesn’t match the original masterpiece. But here, you need not worry about that. It is the perfect way of satisfying your senses after you have been left for the need of more as you finished the original Mary Poppins. The magic returns with Emily Blunt playing the nanny in this one.


Beauty and the beast (1991)

Beauty and the beast movie 1991
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This is Disney animation at the best of its ’90s Golden Age. Not only do you get the technical innovations that come with the dawn of the CGI era, you also have Disney’s best song-writing duo, composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman, doing the soundtrack. It’s no wonder this was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.


Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo Movie
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You really can’t go wrong with any Pixar movie, but might find this one — about the lengths that parents go to for their children — extra relatable. The movie involves the adventures of little Nemo, a clown fish born with an undersized fin and an oversized curiosity. He gets lost on his way to school and the journey of Marlin (Nemo’s father) begins as he sets out to search him.


 Frozen (2013)

Frozen movie
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For any princess fans, this movie has two princesses who learn that their love for each other is the most powerful form of true love. That’s an amazing message for siblings but there’s plenty of things to find in this masterpiece. Not to forget – “Let it go”.


Shaun the Sheep: The movie (2015)

Shaun the sheep - the movie
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From the creators of stop-motion favorites Wallace & Gromit, and with the same sly British sense of humor, comes a story about a farmer and a flock of sheep who get separated in a big city. Most of the movie is wordless, and the humans speak in gibberish, so this is a good pick for toddlers and preschoolers.


The lion king

The Lion king (1994)
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The laws of the jungle meet Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a lion cub realizes he must avenge his father’s death, claim the throne, and complete the circle of life. It can be heavy stuff at times. But Elton John’s music and the vivid animation pack a powerful emotional punch worth experiencing.


Monsters, Inc.

Monster Inc. MOVIE
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Kids everywhere will love the film’s notion that “big, scary” monsters are actually afraid of them. Funny and reassuring, the cartoon is also a satire on corporate greed.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy wonka and the chocolate factory 1971
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Charlie’s awe of the chocolate factory becomes our own in this wonderfully original classic based on Roald Dahl’s novel in the 1971 hit starring Gene Wilder. See the story with a modern twist in the 2005 version, “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, starring Johnny Depp.


The Jungle book

The jungle book 1967
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Set in a jungle full of dangerous animals, the film is cushioned by the light-hearted humor and friendship of an orphaned boy and a bear. The madcap monkey business is set to jazz, swing, and groovy vocals from bandleaders Louis Prima and Phil Harris.


The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid 1989
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When Sebastian sings the sea’s praises in a showstopping calypso number, it’s easy to see why this 1989 film is credited with reviving Disney. While Ariel is Disney’s first modern leading lady, her dad and Prince Eric still have to rescue her.


Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie 1937
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This Grimm’s fairy tale became the 1937 hit that made Disney synonymous with childhood wonder. The wicked witch will likely scare tykes, but there are seven jolly reasons and loads of catchy songs to end all worries.



Now you have a list that has it all and almost none of these can disappoint you. So, pick your best or let your kids pick their favourite after you give them options from this min-blowing list. Have the much-needed family-time.


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