Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair

Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair
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The use of any comb may be okay, but the benefits of a wooden comb are unmatched. You don’t always try to keep your hair healthy, prevent hair loss, etc.? Ok, what if you could solve all these problems with a wooden comb? Yes, that’s true. See what the benefits of using a wooden comb are.

Benefits Using A Wooden Comb For Hair

A lot of static is introduced into the hair by plastic and metal combs. And it becomes fragile when static reaches the hair. This makes the hair very vulnerable to damage, breakage, etc. On the other hand, wooden combs do not allow static to happen and, in turn, flaunt beautiful thick hair. Let’s read more about the benefits of using wooden combs.

Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair
Image Source – Pixabay

1. Nourishes The Hair

The hair has a lot of conditioning and nourishing done to it when combed with wooden combs. The natural oils from the hair are distributed uniformly throughout the hair when you comb the hair with a wooden comb. This helps to keep the hair free and bouncy. Hair breakage and hair fall probabilities are reduced to a minimum.

2. Prevent Bruising Or Scraping 

When we come to take care of your scalp, we cannot stress the value of wooden combs for the same thing. They’ve got more rounded and smoother teeth, and when they’re combing, the wooden comb wouldn’t bruise and scratch the scalp.

3. Prevents Greasiness

Most of us may be fighting a greasy scalp arising from the unequal distribution of natural oils secreted by sebaceous glands. However, when you use a wooden comb, the oil is uniformly distributed not just over your scalp, but also across the length of your hair. This makes the hair less greasy or sticky compared to what could happen after using a plastic or PVC comb.

Benefits Of Using A Wooden Comb For Hair
Image Source – Pixabay

4. Prevents Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

Metal and plastic combs tend to pull and tug the hair, which is not encountered with wooden combs. It makes more sense to choose a wooden comb over a plastic or metal comb because they glide easily through the scalp, making it much easier to get intruded. Even, since it’s wide-toothed, it doesn’t pull or split your hair.

5. Removes Dirt And Foreign Particles

When you brush your hair gently with a brush of wood, it is possible that more dirt and foreign particles will be brushed off from the hair. Since there is a high static pressure of metal and plastic, dirt sticks to it and is re-distributed over the hair. Then think again, do you want the fancy metal combs and plastic? Wooden is working on our hair so that we keep the elements clean and pure!

6. Best For Long Hair

Wooden combs are ideal for use if you have long hair because it helps to loosen knots of hair quickly and to smooth the hair. It gives a strong shine and also bounces to the hair.

7. Add Shine

How does it make our hair shine? It’s simple to answer! The hair does not look dull, limp, dry, or breakable to touch and feel when there is enough natural oil applied on the skin and hair. Only when brushing is gentle and nice is this possible. Wooden combs do the job better than plastic or metal combs would do, as the hair and the scalp do not cause friction movements.

8. Lesser Allergies

We don’t all have normal scalp perfectly. There are some of us who also have sensitive scalps. That is why it would be wise to use wooden combs instead of taking a chance and using plastic and metal combs that can cause allergies to the sensitive scalp. Wood is natural and will not create eruptions or scalp or hair disturbances if you brush or comb your hair.

9. Balances Internal Health

Wooden combs help the scalp and the cells below to rejuvenate if used. This makes relaxation and peace possible and also contributes to a great extent of calming the mind. Therefore, rather than using plastic and metal combs, holistic beauticians around the world have advised the use of wooden bands. All about the connection between the mind and the body. When the mind rests, the body is in peace both inside and outside.

10.  Suitable for all types of hair

Wooden combs are like mothers that take care of the hair, much more than what plastic or metal combs can do for the hair, no matter what your hair type is.

The majority of our wooden combes are without the varnish and paint on them. That’s good because we don’t have chemicals that touch our hair or our scalp. There is now a way to care for and reduce the risk of damage to your wooden combs.

11. Adds bounce to your hair

The wooden comb gives life to the hair bouncing. This is evident because the hair is being handled gently, far more than what you do in combing and brushing with plastic and metal comb. If there is a good distribution of sebum and proper circulation on the scalp and hair, the hair would be healthy and bouncy. That’s what you’re going to get with wooden combs only, not plastic or metal combs.

So, these are 11 benefits of using a wooden comb.


  • Do not use water, as wood is susceptible to damage.
  • Do not dry your combs with a blow dryer or a hairdryer as wood can expand and cracks can occur
  • The wooden comb never pre-soaks, it loses its durability, and the grain
  • Never wash with harsh chemicals, detergents, or dishwashing liquids

    Wooden combs suit any hair type. Your hair can be protected and cared for by a wooden comb. They can easily be found on the market. If you don’t own one, you can get one and see how it can support your hair and scalp. Make sure that you do not choose wooden combs that are painted or treated with other chemicals because you do not want hair and scalp to be harmed by harmful chemicals.

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